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Job file : Python developer


Highly sought-after, the job of Python developer has invaded job boards. An expert in algorithms, he handles this major computer language with brio. The expert hands of many developers around the world have made Python an essential tool for artificial intelligence and mega data.

The computer language Python is an open source programming language. It is popular because it is easy to learn, simple to use and has a wide range of applications. Python is the main programming language used for scripting and automation (robotics, big data, web applications and services). Artificial intelligence systems and machine learning have widely adopted it because it comes with many built-in libraries that save time.



It is also called a Python developer or programmer. Whether it is an application, web services, robotisation or big data project, the Python developer covers several missions: study, creation, improvement, transformation. They follow the specifications of the AI project manager, the lead developer or the technical director. They work with other developers and also with the data science team, when their activity involves megadata. The pre-project phase is generally done with the R&D teams, with the construction of an architecture and the monitoring of the specifications. During the creation phase, he/she focuses on design, testing and deployment. On an existing tool, he or she is required to review the structure and carry out sectoral or global technological overhauls. When a project is launched, the Python developer ensures its proper use and manages functional and technical problems. They can work on a bespoke basis or develop the industrialisation of machine or deep learning algorithms.

Spam detector, facial recognition, chatbot, creation of a personal assistance robot... Python's achievements are legion.



Python developers are needed in every industry: research, finance, legal, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, supply chain, art, media... The music platform Spotify, the application Shazam, social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram are the work of Python programmers and developers.

They work on cutting-edge technological projects related to data and artificial intelligence: robots, autonomous cars, connected objects, chatbots... And on subjects such as computer-aided vision, language programming, fraud detection, predictive analysis and many others.



Algorithm neutrality, data protection, number of tests before launching a project, biased datasets... Python developers are confronted with ethical and legal issues during their missions. Artificial intelligence lawyers or ethics officers are a solid support to align technological progress with respect for human beings.

aivancity's programs incorporate all components of artificial intelligence and its challenges, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. These are global and hybrid courses that allow future engineers to benefit from a maximum level of knowledge and a wide range of know-how.



Mastering Python is obviously the main skill of a Python developer. Knowledge of other programming languages (JavaScript or Java). Knowledge of databases (SQL, NoSQL), big data platforms (Hadoop, Spark), statistical analysis tools (R, Scala), using computer libraries (Pandas, Django, PyQt) are great resources.

When we talk about the qualities of a developer, patience always comes first, and rightly so. Researching, testing, solving bugs and starting over are a big part of the job. It also requires pugnacity, rigour and curiosity. Good communication skills are appreciated because development is both a personal and a collective task. As for pedagogy, it allows you to interact and exchange with collaborators who do not have the basics of programming. Constant monitoring and training are the requirements of the job.



In a digital agency, as a freelancer or in a company, the Python developer works in various status. The next step is to become a project manager or lead developer, and then to manage teams.

Python developers are at work to change our lives and our practices. Their lines of code move the lines of innovation.

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