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Job File: IoT designer


Watch, camera, vehicle, container, fridge, sleep sensor, pill box, flower pot... The emergence of objects connected to Internet gave birth to the profession of IOTIoT IoT architect. He or she accompanies the connected object throughout its life cycle: project birth, launch and continuous improvement.

A connected object is an everyday product to which an innovative use has been attributed. It receives and produces information that must be hosted and secured. It is powered (sockets, batteries or energy sensors), connected to the Internet and controllable from an application or another system.



The IoT designer, also known as the IoT architect carefully studies the intelligent connected object project according to the company’s commercial needs, then assesses the resources to achieve it. She then builds the architectural structure with the different people in charge of each field involved (computer science, data, electrical engineering...). The IoT architect must ask herself upstream: what data to collect and transmit, for what use, how to cross-reference and exploit them?... The IoT architecture outlines how to link the real object to the network and cloud virtual domain. She gives details on data storage, communication between systems, hosting, usage, security, etc. The IoT architect coordinates teams’ work to optimize it. She is the link between the company’s technical professions and management. She integrates into the project an IoT services platform to administer objects, collect, store, analyze and exploit data. This enables her to generate dashboards for visualization and exploitation. She standardizes the creation processes to duplicate them to other projects, thereby saving time. Accompanying the project in its evolution and improvement is also part of her missions.



Home automation, e-health, consumption, transport, defense, security, increased sport... Intelligent connected objects now penetrate many fields. Making life easier for consumers, IoT has become a business opportunity and a factor of attractiveness for companies.

Considered as the third evolution of the Internet (baptized Web 3.0), the Internet of Things is experiencing considerable growth and is expected to reach 50 billion connected objects worldwide within a few years, which will be reinforced by the expected development of 5G.



When we talk about data, we also talk about Data, so ethical questions do not escape the Internet of Things sector. Data and AI lawyers as well as ethics managers provide support functions to IoT designers, so that when their projects emerge, they take into account the essential human values and applicable laws.

The aivancity programs integrate into their learning all artificial intelligence components and stakes, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. They are global and hybrid training programs that ensure that future engineers benefit from a comprehensive level of knowledge and a broad know-how.



This job requires a good dose of cross-functionality. As for knowledge, it spans many disciplines: technology, business, management and ethics. The IoOT architect is familiar with the wide range of systems that enable an intelligent connected object to be produced (communication protocols, networks, cybersecurity, technical architecture, design of complex IT systems, software engineering, mobile development, embedded systems, etc.). She is also well-aware of the business and its constraints. She remains on the lookout for technological advances in data and AI and enjoys working in a team. The IoT architect improves in a constant search for coherence between her different subjects without losing sight of her objective. She is both rational and inspired as well as inspiring. She knows how to adapt to different environments and different interlocutors. Accuracy, logic, curiosity and enthusiasm are her primary qualities. She is fluent in both written and spoken English.



IoT architects or designers work in companies or design offices. Some are part of companies that develop IoT solutions for industrialists. The Internet of Things sector is in constant growth and the IoT designer’s job is already part of its essential functions. Job offers are therefore bound to multiply in the coming years. She can evolve towards a position as head of innovation or head of a design office.

Positioned at the intersection of many disciplines, IoT is a field of ongoing innovation. So many objects are yet to be connected! The IoT architect brings together creative ideas and cutting-edge techniques to create embedded systems that are genuine gateways to our future.