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Tawhid Chtioui

Tawhid Chtioui, Founding President and Dean


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the keys to success for any company that wishes to improve the whole of its business processes, from production to customer relations, in all activity sectors. AI solutions implementation also aims to meet several challenges of tomorrow’s society, going far beyond the mere digitization of the economy: health, education, mobility, housing, security, energy... all sectors are, or will be, impacted.

Beyond its technical challenges, AI currently raises many questions regarding its impact on business, management, human beings and society. It has become essential to accelerate AI’s applications while considering the evolution of business practices and society’s expectations.

More than ever before, it is therefore necessary to train experts in all the bricks of AI and Data science thematic ecosystem. They must be able to not only develop computer programs to speed up companies’ performances and ensure the transition to a 4.0 industry, but also to allow humanity to make progress in all areas, while at the same time ensuring that technological evolutions are involved in the development of a fairer, more just world, and a more ethical and humane one.

It is by understanding and reinventing our environment to improve it that we will ensure AI’s good quality implementation. Education and research are essential levers in this regard. Indeed, they help us comprehend, reinvent and improve our environment. Thanks to this process, a deceptively simple but complex one to achieve, humanity can evolve.

Artificial Intelligence will assuredly have a critical impact on tomorrow’s society. We must be prepared.

AI and the emergence of Big Data cause profound mutations in jobs and business functions, offering a wide range of hiring possibilities for highly qualified graduates. The competition for skilled workers, the search for AI and data specialists is raging on job markets in France and around the world… and it’s only just beginning.

There are reportedly only 300,000 AI researchers and practitioners globally, while the demand is in the millions, according to a December 2017 survey by the Tencent Research Institute.

To release the clamp, MP Cédric Villani proposed in his March 2018 report to triple in three years the number of people trained in AI, notably by extending the field of talents to the Bac (baccalaureate) +2 and +3 graduates” (JDN, X. Biseul, April 2019)

The implementation of AI solutions in organizations is not just a technical issue; it requires an in-depth technical knowledge of the issues at stake in business management and the whole spectrum related to matters of feasibility, validity, acceptability, trust and responsibility.

As a place for initial training (with post-baccalaureate to Bac +8 programs), a place for exchange and meetings between the academic and socio-economic worlds, aivancity is also a place for professional training.

This continuing education offer is broad and extensive: it concerns engineers keen on understanding AI and data science developments, and less technical profiles, so long as they are aware of the importance of the field for their professional development.

Accordingly, to the triptych of our programs’ DNA (AI, Management, Ethics) corresponds another triptych, made up of the three poles, initial training, place of exchanges and continuing education: let me invite you to discover them in this brochure.