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Master of Science Data Management


We have produced over the last two years as much data as during the last 5000 years and the volume of data in the world will be multiplied by 7 in 5 years...

« New black gold », fuel of the digital economy, data has become a source of enrichment for companies that know how to process and value it.

Faced with this exponential growth in data volumes, companies of all sizes and all sectors, consulting firms, public organizations, local authorities, associations, have no choice but to define and implement a strategy to manage their data: collection, classification, storage, updating, securing and exploitation of data to improve their organizational performance.

Based on an educational approach combining multidisciplinary teaching, projects and feedback, aivancity’s MSc Data Management enables (us) to respond to the opportunities and challenges raised by the massification of data in all sectors of economic activity and all areas of our society.

Aivancity’s MSc Data Management aims not only to master the entire data management cycle (acquisition, retention, cleaning, sorting, securing and analysis), using the best tools and techniques, but also to understand their challenges in organizations (decision support, data business models, customer/user relationships, understanding of business processes, etc.) as well as their legal and ethical implications (respect for personal data, data governance, etc.).


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Why is this program unique?

  • One or two years in an apprenticeship contract with tuition covered by the host companies
  • A diploma with the guarantee of its lifetime update© of which 5 years free of charge
  • Relationships with technological partners and companies allowing students to work on real problems from different sectors such as finance, marketing, industry, trade, etc.
  • Preparation for the best professional certifications in Microsoft or Amazon (Preparation for the best professional certifications in Microsoft or Amazon)
  • A campus in Cachan, 10 minutes from Paris, with high-level educational and technological facilities and an exceptional landscape environment.





  • Gather information from large and complex data sets.
  • Analyze, process and model massive (big) data using statistical models to make them intelligible and exploitable
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the foundations, methods and technologies of Big Data.
  • Ability to practice various data analysis tools: Excel, Power BI, Tableau…
  • Master the relevant laws and regulations for data management and governance
  • Integrate ethical issues, particularly privacy and liability (accountability) issues.
  • Managing (Manage) a data management project
  • Apply data management to a business area (domain): Marketing and sales, finance, HR, production and maintenance, health, services, biology, ecology, land management and many other fields...

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Master of Science Data Management



  • access

    Entry level: Graduates with 3 or 4 years of higher Education

  • langue

    Language: French

  • diplome

    Diploma awarded: Master of Science Data management
    (RNCP niveau 7 - Bac + 5)

  • calendrier

    Next school year: November


  • Type: In initial training (or in alternation) or alternating training (apprenticeship or professionalization contract or alternating internship).
  • Duration of training: 1 or 2 years
  • Language: French (ENGLISH)
  • Learning pace (rhythm): 1 week at school, 3 weeks (in-company training) at company + 2 more weeks at school per year
  • Program Organization:
    • Boarding for aivancity
    • Back-to-school seminar (kick-off seminar)
    • Year 1: Common core (Core) - Year 2: Deepening and specialization
    • AI Clinic
    • Graduation project tutoring (Tutoring for the end-of-studies project)
    • Career Coaching

Total: 500 H/year


One or two years to become an expert in Data Management



Common core


Deepening and Specialization

Direct admission to the 2nd year for holders of a bachelor's degree+4/5


The job market is booming for these professions (on these trades), offering numerous prospects in organizations that wish to exploit the potential of their data to create value, as well as in the public sector or in research and development laboratories (Cf. aivancity study on Data and AI professions).


To offer you promising career opportunities (To offer you promising career prospects)

Internships and work-study programs: aivancity offers its students the opportunity to develop significant professional experience to help them develop their employability.


aivancity publishes its study of job offers in Artificial Intelligence and Data in France





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Graduates of the MSc Data Management Program benefit from the guarantee of its lifetime update©


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aivancity's MSc Data Management is aimed at graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher from higher education institutions, regardless of their field of study.

  • To be eligible for an apprenticeship, the student must be a European Union national or international student who can justify a first year of initial training taken on the French territory.
  • Students from outside the EU, who are beginning their studies in France, can follow this program in alternating internship. Tuition fees will be covered by the Student.



All candidates pass selection tests based on knowledge, skills and open-mindedness, including sensitivity to ethical and responsibility issues.


Admission tests




Coefficient (Ratios)

Review of the application file-3
Individual interview30 min3
Multiple Choice Quiz on Numeric and Verbal Logic45 min2
Multiple Choice Quiz on General and Digital Culture30 min2

Admission is pronounced within a maximum of one week, subject to validation of your current year. The results are communicated to you by email and via the aivancity admission platform. Final enrollment in the program remains subject to obtaining a work-study contract under the conditions specified here.



  • Under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract, the cost of the training is financed via the company's OPCO (according to the established level of coverage).
  • In the context of an alternating internship, the cost of the training to be covered by the student is € 12,500 per year.

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