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An involved and very high level of governance

The aivancity school for technology, business & society’s Board of Directors is the school’s strategic think-tank, providing advice and recommendations that are advisory in scope.

Cross-fertilization between the school’s vision and potential and the board members’ scientific, professional and societal expertise nourishes the leaders’ reflection and enable decision-making.

Its role consists most notably in providing guidance on structuring themes, such as scientific choices, program offerings, strategy, human resources supporting the implementation of strategy, international development, investment choices or then again risk management; in supporting aivancity in the implementation of its corporate purpose, in compliance with its commitments as a company serving a mission; and more generally in enforcing its societal impact. It also examines the school’s overall financial situation and makes recommendations to ensure its sustainability.

The school council is composed of 3 colleges:


The scientific college

it brings together outstanding personalities from the academic world, recognized for their contributions and impact in the school’s fields of expertise. Its mission focuses mainly on scientific choices, recognition of diplomas, program offerings, and the school’s academic resources. It is currently composed of:

Dr. Nozha Boujemaa
Chief Science & Innovation Officer at Median Technologies, and Research Director at INRIA
“aivancity’s program and pedagogical project correspond to the interdisciplinary vision of the development of artificial intelligence that I have been developing for several years through the different projects I carry out on national, European and international levels. I support this strategic pedagogical choice through my involvement in aivancity’s scientific board to contribute to the training of new generations in interdisciplinary fundamentals for the efficient, successful and equitable socio-economic deployment of these technologies for all.”
Dr. Laurent Champaney
Executive Director (Chairman) of Arts et Métiers and Vice-President and President of the Upstream Commission of the Conférence des grandes écoles.
“aivancity constitutes a novelty in the landscape of higher education in artificial intelligence by offering a very transverse vision of the field: not only technical but also Business and Ethics. The partnership with Arts et Métiers demonstrates our desire to diversify and open up to these new AI and Data areas. The aim is to work together in a project-based approach, as part of a responsible vision that is sensitive to society's challenges. This approach is at the heart of the values shared by Arts et Métiers and aivancity”.
El fallah
Dr. Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni
Exceptional class teacher at Sorbonne University.
Exceptional class Professor at Sorbonne University, head of the Multi-Agent Systems research group and co-leader of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences research axis at LIP6 (she has directed more than 30 PhD theses in AI and Multi-Agent Systems). She is a member of the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST) at UNESCO (2020-2023) and associate editor of the prestigious scientific journal: IEEE transactions on Artificial Intelligence.
Dr. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Professor of Computer Science at the Sorbonne University Faculty of Sciences and a senior member of the InstitutUniversitaire de France
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia currently conducts his research at LIP6 (Laboratoired'Informatique de Paris VI) and within the OBVIL Labex, where his team collaborates with the literature teams of the Sorbonne University Faculty of Arts. He is also a Doctor of Engineering and holds a PhD from the University of Paris-Saclay. An AI specialist (EurAIFellow - European Association for Artificial Intelligence), machine learning and data mining. He is also president of the orientation committee at the CHEC (Cycle des Hautes Etudes de la Culture) and a member of the steering committee of digital ethics at the CCNE (French National advisory committee of Ethics). “The deployment of AI is transforming society profoundly; aivancity, through its positioning and pedagogical project, which places great emphasis on interdisciplinarity and ethics, takes full measure of this.”
Dr. Tawfik Jelassi
Professor of Strategy and Technology Management at IMD Lausanne
He was Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Information and Communication Technologies in the Tunisian government (2014-2015). He is decorated with the National Order of Merit in the field of education and science, the Order of the Republic, as well as about fifteen international honors.
Dr. Khaled Letaief
iNew Bright Professor of Engineering and Chair Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
He is an internationally recognized leader in wireless communications and networks with research interest in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data analytics systems, tactile Internet, as well as 5G systems and beyond. In these areas, he has over 640 journal and conference papers with over 36,000 citations and h-index of 87. He also has 15 patents, including 11 US inventions. He was also listed among the 2020 top 30 of AI 2000 Internet of Things Most Influential Scholars.
“aivancity is a newly established school that introduces a transformative new multidisciplinary approach to higher education by putting AI at its core with the ultimate objective of enabling students to truly unleash their full potential and become great leaders in the future intelligent and hyper-connected world.”
Jean-Michel Nicolle
Director of the EPF, School of Engineering since 2008, Vice-President of Cedefi (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools) since 2018, President of the n+i Network and President of the Avenir entrance exam. He’s Knight in the orders of the Academic Palms and the Legion of Honor.
“The positioning of the pedagogical project is both innovative and tailored to learners’ training needs and of companies’ expectations. The aivancity project is a “sustainable” and agile training approach in an environment undergoing profound upheavals; it is also a “responsible” training solution as it warrants successful completion in particular within the framework of a contract of trust. Therefore, it is a precursor and today has no equivalent in the French higher education landscape.”
Dr. Franck Pacard
Engineer X 84 (the ‘X’ is another word for the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique)
Roads and Bridges Engineer, PhD in Math and HDR, he has authored more than 90 research papers in geometry and analysis of partial differential equations. Researcher at the École des Ponts, then Professor, Director of the doctoral school at the Paris-Est Créteil University, he joined the Ecole Polytechnique in 2010 as Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Laurent Schwartz Mathematics Center and was then appointed Director of Teaching and Research at the X from 2012 to 2019.
Dr. Guy Pujolle
Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University and a world reference in the field of networks
“Artificial intelligence is THE technology of the 2020s. It is introduced everywhere, to help, manage, control and automate. As a network and telecommunications expert, I believe that AI has become essential to move ahead towards a new generation within which access to the data will be personalized. As we face the impossibility of recruiting qualified personnel in this field, the only solution is to train a new generation of students with strong expertise in AI. aivancity is exactly the answer I expected.”
Guillaume Bourlet
Guillaume Bourlet
Vice President Numérique University Paris-Est Créteil

The institutional college

It is made of representatives of the school’s institutional partners and its work focuses mainly on implementing aivancity's raison d’être, fulfilling its commitments as a company with a mission and, more generally, strengthening its societal impact.

It is composed of :


Photo credit: City of Cachan - Margot Lhermite

The City of Cachan
represented by Hélène de Comarmond, Mayor of Cachan
“I was able to appreciate the project of establishing aivancity in Cachan, as it is aligned with the coherence and complementarity of other educational and research institutions, in a wholly renewed campus, open to the city and in a citizen approach to sustainable development and landscaping. This is why I am proud that aivancity bears Cachan’s colors in its name and contributes to the reputation of the city and its campus throughout the world. The City of Cachan is therefore delighted to welcome aivancity to its territory and to envisage the construction of a partnership, a fruitful one for the city and its people.”
(The French IT federation) represented by Soumia Malinbaum, Administrator and President of the “E-education and Training” commission and of the Numeric’emploi plan of Numeum; Keyrus Vice-President Business Development.
"I am very pleased to join the board of aivancity, which embodies, through its innovative academic project, the ambition to promote, through training, an inclusive, ethical and responsible digital economy".
The Gravissimum Education Foundation, working within the Ministry of Education of the Holy See(Vatican)
represented by Professor Monsignor Guy RéalThivierge, Secretary General
" My commitment to quality education, grounded in today's realities and concerned with training in ethical and professional responsibilities over the long term, is part of my vision of training the younger generations. If we are to change the world, we must first rethink education".
The Caisse d'Epargne Bank Ile-de-France
represented by Eric PIRES, Deputy Director of Social Economy and Health
Choose Paris Region
represented by Franck Margain, President of Choose Paris Region, Regional Councillor for Ile-de-France and Councillor at the Paris City Hall
"Choose Paris Region sera un partenaire pour contribuer au développement de l’école et promouvoir les formations de Aivancity et particulièrement leur dimension interdisciplinaire, industrielle et éthique auprès des décideurs français et internationaux.", explique Lionel Grotto, Directeur de Choose Paris Region.
CCI Val-de-Marne
represented by Jean-Christophe Lourme, elected health referent CCI94, CEO & Director of R&D, Valotec, CEO at MELLIsim
Laurence Goudron
Dr. Laurence GOURDON
High School Principal
Lycée Le Rebours
Author of « The school and AI, a revolution announced »
The entry or the place that Artificial Intelligence is taking in schools raises many questions. It raises new questions of ethics and acceptability by questioning man-machine actions and their consequences. These questions, which by their nature are challenging, must not be purely theoretical. This is where aivancity comes in, by considering Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity to liberate potentials. It is therefore urgent to think together about Artificial Intelligence so that the school does not suffer from it. Otherwise, today's adults will be responsible for the unpreparedness of future generations for the future world.

The Enterprise College

composed of professionals from the business world chosen for their expertise in AI and Data Science subjects or in the field of human resources and employment or as representatives of the school's partner companies, its work focuses mainly on financial balances, human resources, investment choices and risk management.

It is composed of :

Represented by Krystel Sicard-Malafosse, HR Manager in charge of training
" I am delighted to join the board of Aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society, and to be a partner of a school that is inventing the very concept of iagénieur! Working on Artificial Intelligence with its business and human impacts and the necessary ethics that accompany it allows us to prepare ourselves to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Having a different vision of the world also means innovating: the Aivancity lifetime guarantee to update diplomas is a good example! Also, at LCL, we are proud to have supported this ambitious project and are determined to contribute to the success of all the school's students! "
Corp Agency
represented by Olivier Cadi, CEO and Founder.
Specialized in the creation and organization of congresses and exhibitions “dedicated to new technologies, including the very famous Big Data & AI Paris
Microsoft France
represented by Dr. Amelle ELKHABLI, France Future-Ready Skill Lead.
Microsoft is pleased to support aivancity and its ambition to become the first Hybrid school of artificial intelligence, business and ethics. Microsoft, a major player in the world of cloud software and services, with its strong roots in the world of education, is delighted to provide aivancity learners with Microsoft solutions and content to support the development of their professional skills".
Crédit Mutuel Bank Ile-de-France
represented by Raphaël Rebert, Chief Executive Officer.
"At first, we were seduced by the wonderful project of aivancity but also by the quality and the reactivity of the exchanges we were able to conduct with its President.
We are therefore delighted to be able to support, through this partnership, aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society, such an innovative player in higher education ".
EDF represented by Aude Vinzerich, director of the artificial intelligence program
Stéphane Malle
HR Leader Manager in a large automotive group
« Sensitive to any innovative concept that highlights the issues of social and environmental responsibility, I was immediately attracted by the approach proposed by the school and its observatory in the service of a learning and ethical culture, open to all, reflecting the diversity and richness of a constantly changing world. This is a wonderful adventure that we have to live and prepare in the best conditions by laying the appropriate scientific and societal foundations. »
Arnaud Agostini
Sidexa | Solera
represented by Arnaud Agostini, Chief Operating Officer
 Christopher Dembik - memebre du board
Board of Directors at Substrate AI
represented by Christopher Dembik, Senior Investment Adviser at Pictet AM
Pascal Bizzari - memebre du board
represented by Pascal Bizzari, Associate Managing Director