aivancity Paris-Cachan

Mission and commitments




Our Mission

aivancity has taken the form of a mission-driven company and has become the first higher education institution in France to adopt this status. This is what aivancity, school for technology, business and society, places at the heart of its statutes: commitments to employability, diversity, responsibility, territorial anchoring and openness to the city. The values it upholds are also the missions it sets for itself. These define the school’s very essence, and will be monitored by an external body. 

A mission-driven company : The law relating to the growth and transformation of companies, known as the 2019 Pact law, introduces the quality of a mission-oriented company. It allows a company to publicly state its status as a mission-driven company by specifying its main purpose and one or more social and environmental objectives that the company has set itself to pursue as part of its business.

Our Engagements

To support the development of individuals’ skills so they can succeed in their personal development and professional career, all along their lives, by being efficient players within responsible and competitive organizations, whatever the region of the world.

Aivancity is committed to promoting diversity and social inclusion and to contributing to collective efforts to help guide young people in disadvantaged areas.

Ethics and responsibility are important criteria in the selection of candidates. These are also priority areas of our training in terms of technical and human skills, and a promise made to the recruiters who will hire our graduates.

Developing the school in close connection with its environment by forging partnerships with neighboring schools and companies in the city as well as the region, by opening events organized on campus to the public, and by hosting various functions and happenings that contribute to the wealth of activities in the territories.


First school in France to adopt the status of a mission company under the Pacte law !

Aivancity wants to train committed individuals, actors responsible for artificial intelligence.

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