aivancity Paris-Cachan

A faculty that illustrates our positioning of hybridization and excellence.

aivancity is equipped, from its launch, with a very high level faculty covering the different areas of its interdisciplinary positioning: AI, Business management and ethics.

  • 60 permanent professors (participating)
  • 47 % international professors of 10 nationalities
  • 50 % academic and 50 % professional
  • 75 % PhD
  • 10 areas of specialization

Actively involved in pedagogical design, aivancity's faculty contributes to the implementation and evolution of the various programs. They are supported by external contributors who also participate in the teaching and supervision of students by transmitting their know-how in specific fields.

aivancity relies on the close relationship between the teaching team and the student community to ensure the best possible progression of each student towards his or her professional goal. The size of the classes, the average number of students per class, the considerable number of hours allocated to individualized pedagogical follow-up and tutoring of projects associated with the faculty’s quality and experience demonstrate in concrete terms the school’s desire to offer the various learners a very high level learning experience.

The pedagogical department ensures the design and coordination of the pedagogical content, in conjunction with the various Board committees and the multiple stakeholders (certification bodies, recruiters, partners, etc.). The program directors are responsible for implementing and coordinating the teaching teams and the follow-up of the learning experience.

  • Ahmed ABBESSI

    Ahmed ABBESSI

    Expert Professor in Digital Transformation | Industry Manager, Google

    Expertise:Data science
  • doreid ammar

    Dr. Doreid AMMAR

    Professor in Data science and Computer science | Academic Director

    Expertise:Data science
  • Aladdin AYESH

    Dr. Aladdin AYESH

    Visiting professor in Artificial Intelligence | Professor of Artificial Intelligence, De Montfort University (Leicester)

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Bilel Benbouzid

    Dr. Bilel Benbouzid

    PhD, Affiliate Professor, AI Ethics | | Senior Lecturer in Sociology - Université Paris Est

    Expertise:AI Ethics
  • Ruta Binkyte-Sadauskiene

    Ruta Binkyte-Sadauskiene

    Associate Professor in AI Ethics | Researcher

    Expertise:AI Ethics
  • Nozha BOUJEMAA

    Dr. Nozha BOUJEMAA

    Expert Professor in Artificial Intelligence | Board Member | Chief Science & Innovation Officer, Median Technologies

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Marion CARRÉ

    Marion CARRÉ

    Expert Professor in AI and Arts | Co-founder and President of Ask Mona

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Tawhid Chtioui

    Dr. Tawhid CHTIOUI

    President of aivancity, Professeur

  • David CRESSEY

    David CRESSEY

    Expert Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Member of the Board | Head of L’Oréal Beauty Tech EMEA accelerator

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Edwige Cyffers - Assistant Professor Ethics of AI

    Edwige Cyffers

    Assistant Professor Ethics of AI

    Expertise:AI Ethics
  • Yvonne Dalle | Professeur Expert en Innovation et Stratégie

    Yvonne Dalle

    Expert Professor in Innovation and Strategy | Project Manager, AI/Datascience specialist GROUPE VYV

  • Samir Dawaliby | Professeur associé en Réseaux et Télécommunications

    Samir Dawaliby

    Professeur associé en Réseaux et Télécommunications | Docteur en réseaux et cybersécurité

    Expertise:Réseaux et Télécommunications
  • Rachida EL AMRANI

    Rachida EL AMRANI

    Professor Expert in Management, IT Project Management | Head of the Finance Information System of BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM) - Paris

  • Ysens de FRANCE

    Dr. Ysens de FRANCE

    Associate Professor of AI Law | Director of Foresight at the Sapiens Institute

    Expertise:Droit de l’IA
  • hugo hadjur

    Hugo HADJUR

    Assistant Professor in IA & Data Science | PhD student at ENS Lyon and aivancity

    Expertise:Data science
  • jelassi

    Dr. Tawfik JELASSI

    Visiting Professor in Management of Technology | Board member | Professor of Strategy and Technology Management, IMD Lausanne

  • yang jiao

    Dr. Yang JIAO

    Expert Professor in Data science | Lead Data Scientist at Coface

    Expertise:Data science


    Expert Professor in Computer vision & Deep learning | IA Manager, Drone Volt Group

    Expertise:Machine et deep learning
  • Maud Lambert

    Maud Lambert

    Expert Professor, Digital and AI Law | Associate Lawyer - Cabinet Smalt Avocats

    Expertise:Data science, Droit de l’IA, Artificial Intelligence
  • Dr. Pascal de LIMA

    Dr. Pascal de LIMA

    Professeur en Economie de l'innovation

    Expertise:Economie de l'innovation
  • Virginie MATHIVET

    Dr. Virginie MATHIVET

    Expert AI & Deep learning teacher | Director of R&D, Corporate Teamwork

    Expertise:AI & Deep learning
  • Sean McMains - Associate Professor of Languages and Culture

    Sean McMains

    Associate Professor of Languages and Culture

    Expertise:Anglais, Langues et Culture
  • Amel MHAMDI

    Dr. Amel MHAMDI

    Associate professor in Machine learning and Deep learning | Data scientist at JEMS Group

    Expertise:Machine et deep learning
  • Leïla Mörch

    Leïla Mörch

    Professor Expert in Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence | Researcher at the Content Policy and Society Lab at Stanford University

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Ghina Nassreddine

    Ghina Nassreddine

    Assistant Professor in Data Science | Temporary teaching and research associate (ATER) - Université Sorbonne Paris Saclay

    Expertise:Data science, Maths for AI
  • nekhili

    Mehdi NEKHILI

    Affiliate Professor in Management | Professor, Le Mans University

  • Benedict O’Donnell

    Benedict O’Donnell

    Associate Professor of Languages and Culture | English language teacher

  • Frédéric ORU

    Dr. Frédéric ORU

    Professor in AI Mathematics & Data Science | Founder and CEO of AI4Better

    Expertise:Maths for AI
  • Pr. Guy PUJOLLE

    Dr. Guy PUJOLLE

    Affiliate Professor Artificial Intelligence | Board Member | Professor emeritus at Sorbonne University

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence for Networks and Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence
  • Valentin SCHMITE

    Valentin SCHMITE

    Expert Professor in AI and Culture | Co-founder of Ask Mona

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Maeliza SEYMOUR

    Maeliza SEYMOUR

    Expert Professor in AI and Coding | CEO, CodistAI

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Ludan STOECKLE

    Ludan STOECKLÉ

    Expert Professor in Artificial Intelligence | CTO of the AI Lab at BNP Paribas CIB

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Levente SZABADOS

    Levente SZABADOS

    Visiting professor in Data science | Lecturer at Frankfurt school of finance & management

    Expertise:Data science
  • Alberto TODESCHINI

    Dr. Alberto TODESCHINI

    Visiting professor in Artificial Intelligence | Lecturer & Course lead in AI, UC Berkeley

    Expertise:Artificial Intelligence
  • Paul Todorov

    Paul Todorov

    Expert Professor, Data Science | Data Scientist, Manager - Voodoo

    Expertise:Data science
  • Maria Mont Verdaguer

    Maria Mont Verdaguer

    Associate Professor in AI Ethics

    Expertise:AI Ethics
  • Boris YEPMO

    Boris YEPMO

    Expert Professor, Data science and Python | CEO of Data Tryb

    Expertise:Data science
  • Sami Zhioua

    Sami Zhioua

    Affiliated Professor in AI Ethics

    Expertise:AI Ethics