aivancity Paris-Cachan

A faculty that illustrates our positioning of hybridization and excellence.

aivancity is equipped, from its launch, with a very high level faculty covering the different areas of its interdisciplinary positioning: AI, Business management and ethics.

  • 60 permanent professors (participating)
  • 47 % international professors of 10 nationalities
  • 50 % academic and 50 % professional
  • 75 % PhD
  • 10 areas of specialization

Actively involved in pedagogical design, aivancity's faculty contributes to the implementation and evolution of the various programs. They are supported by external contributors who also participate in the teaching and supervision of students by transmitting their know-how in specific fields.

aivancity relies on the close relationship between the teaching team and the student community to ensure the best possible progression of each student towards his or her professional goal. The size of the classes, the average number of students per class, the considerable number of hours allocated to individualized pedagogical follow-up and tutoring of projects associated with the faculty’s quality and experience demonstrate in concrete terms the school’s desire to offer the various learners a very high level learning experience.

The pedagogical department ensures the design and coordination of the pedagogical content, in conjunction with the various Board committees and the multiple stakeholders (certification bodies, recruiters, partners, etc.). The program directors are responsible for implementing and coordinating the teaching teams and the follow-up of the learning experience.