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Scholarships and funding

As a company with a mission, aivancity has placed diversity and equal opportunity at the heart of its commitments.



Tuition fees should not be an obstacle to pursuing studies in a private institution that corresponds to the student’s aspirations.Also, aivancity, a company with a mission as defined by the Pacte Law (La Loi PACTE is a law introduced by the Édouard Philippe government, intended to help French companies grow and rethink the place of business in society), is committed to promoting diversity and social inclusion in order to make its programs accessible to any student meeting the school’s selection criteria, regardless of financial ability. Several financing options are available:


Scholarships granted by the AIVANCITY Endowment Fund

The AIVANCITY Endowment Fund awards up to 20 scholarships each year to cover the tuition fees during the entire course of study for students in the Grande École Program or Bachelor of Science (except for the year under a professionalization or apprenticeship contract paid for by the host company). These scholarships, open to candidates in the 1st year of each of the 2 programs, are awarded on the basis of social and excellence criteria (quality of the academic career, quality of the extracurricular career, results in the program admission exam).

Eligibility for the scholarship must be requested at the same time as the application, ensuring that all supporting documents are provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

No partial scholarships will be awarded.


For more information, please contact us!


Financing by our banking partners   

Every student at aivancity has the option of taking out a bank loan at a preferential rate, which will cover all of his or her tuition fees on a deferred repayment basis at the end of their studies. For more information, please contact us:  

- Caisse d'Epargne



Pedagogical systems that encourage paid missions    

All programs in initial training are accompanied by periods of paid internships that help finance the studies and the final year of the Grande École Program and the Bachelor’s program. These are carried out under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract or under a sandwich internship.


Staggering of tuition fees  

aivancity adapts to your ability to pay: tuition fees can be paid in three or six installments at no extra charge.