aivancity Paris-Cachan

Labels and recognitions


aivancity, Paris-Cachan is recognized by the State by ministerial decree dated February 24, 2023

State recognition attests that an institution makes a useful contribution to the public service of higher education. It is based on an assessment of the institution's operations, training courses and teaching and support staff.

Reconnaissance de l'état et visa bac+5

The application underwent an academic and then a national evaluation, which received a favorable opinion from the Ile-de-France Esri Rector before being examined by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


In addition to its recognition by the French government, aivancity is also authorized to issue a diploma certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education for its 5-year Grande Ecole Program, previously registered with the RNCP at level 7, the first certified diploma in the field of AI and data.

As a reminder, government approval is granted in return for greater pedagogical control of the program, and the appointment of admission and graduation juries.

Several major and decisive criteria have been examined by MESRI to grant this state recognition :

  • The training provided ;
  • The profile of the teaching staff ;
  • Quality of equipment and premises ;
  • The organization of the establishment ;
  • Human resources ;
  • Material and financial resources, and research activities.

As a direct outcome for future applicants to aivancity in the 1st year of the Grande Ecole Program, candidates can now apply to the school directly via Parcoursup. 



Registration in the RNCP (national register of professional certifications) attests to an official level of qualification. This makes it easier for students and employers to identify the skills acquired on completion of training.

aivancity also has two certified credentials recognized by the French government (Ministry of Labor) through their inclusion in the national register of professional certifications (RNCP), a database that lists state-recognized diplomas and certifications : « Project Manager in Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development » and « Artificial Intelligence Developer »



aivancity certifiée Qualiopi

aivancity has been awarded QUALIOPI certification, the quality certification mark for training providers, for its entire range of face-to-face and online vocational training courses, as well as for initiatives to validate acquired experience (VAE) and apprenticeships.

Established on the basis of the new National Quality Standard (RNQ) defined in June 2019, the "Qualiopi" mark attests to the quality of the process implemented by providers of actions contributing to the development of skills and enabling greater readability of the training offer for companies and users.


This certification enables aivancity to obtain public or mutual funding for training courses it provides for its customers, companies or public bodies.

The results of the audit carried out from 08/25/2020 to 08/26/2020 revealed no non-conformities, i.e. 32 compliant criteria.


aivancity is authorized to accept scholarship holders from the start of the 2023 academic year by decree of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

It concerns :

  • Students enrolled in the Grande École Program during their initial training.
  • Students who meet the following social criteria : condition of studies, age, diploma, nationality and resources as stipulated by regulations.

This accreditation opens up possibilities for public funding of the Grande École Program for the benefit of its students, and this is what the aivancity team has been working towards.

This favorable decision was taken in view of the State's recognition and visa for the Grande École Program, attesting to the quality of our training courses, the profile of our teaching staff , the quality of our equipment and premises, the organization of our school, the human resources , material and financial resources mobilized and our research activities.

aivancity's ambition is to enhance the learning experience of its students to the very highest level, and we are therefore calling on all possible players to make our school an innovative international benchmark.