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aivancity maintains multiple partnerships and is at the heart of renowned networks. Thanks to its active participation in think tanks and circles of reflection, the school mobilizes skills in France, Europe and around the world for the benefit of its students, businesses and tomorrow's society.


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Alliance pour les sciences et la technologie Paris-Cachan

Alliance for Science and Technology Paris-Cachan

  • Strengthened by shared educational, human and solidarity values, and eager to work together in the service of young people and higher education, aivancity Paris-Cachan, EPF engineering school, ESTP and ESITC Paris are joining forces on the Cachan site to found an alliance around an ambitious project, anchored in common achievements and specific features of each of the four schools.​



EdTech: the association of EdTech companies

  • Deeply involved in the transformation of learning and the education and training landscape, aivancity Paris-Cachan supports the initiatives led by EdTech France and has naturally joined its members.
  • aivancity Paris-Cachan, a committed partner of EdTech France



n+i: a unique gateway to top-level schools

  • aivancity has joined the "n+i" network, whose aim is to make the training and profession of engineer (IAgineer®) ever more international, and also to enable students to make contact with universities and companies, whether partners or not, to build an international project.​


Ethical IA

Ethical IA: for trustworthy AI!

  • aivancity has joined forces with Numeum to provide committed stakeholders with a practical tool for designing, developing and managing artificial intelligence systems that respect fundamental human rights, based on the Ethical AI initiative.


Impact IA

IMPACT AI: ethical AI for the individual, business and civil society

  • aivancity has joined the Impact AI collective, the benchmark Think & Do Tank for ethical artificial intelligence in France, to collaborate with the digital ecosystem, companies, startups, institutions, research or training organizations and civil society, stakeholders to create a collective AI approach that meets the needs and expectations of citizens.


AN et Sénat

National Assembly and Senate

  • aivancity becomes the only interest group school at the French National Assembly and Senate under the law of December 9, 2016 (known as the Sapin II law), which defines, lists and frames interest representatives. aivancity, thanks to its positioning enabling it to be at the heart of current issues linked to AI, AI ethics and Data, can enrich the reflections led by parliamentary commissions and working groups.


Committed actor

aivancity, the first and only state-recognized school in AI and Data!

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