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Year of launch and already prestigious strategic alliances & partnerships!


aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society Paris-Cachan is committed to forging long-lasting, in-depth and mutually fruitful links with academic and socio-economic players, but also to constantly adapting its teaching to changes in the job market.
From its launch on, aivancity can count on a network of institutional partners, Academics and companies in France and internationally to enrich the learning experience of our future students and participants, allowing them to open new perspectives and further develop their networks.


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  • Alliance pour les sciences et la technologie Paris-Cachan

    Strengthened by shared educational, human and solidarity values, and eager to work together in the service of youth and higher education, aivancity Paris-Cachan, the EPF engineering school, the ESTP and the ESITC Paris have joined forces on the Cachan site to found an alliance around an ambitious project, anchored on common assets and on the specificities of each of the four schools

  • AI Mergence

    A.I.MERGENCE is specialized in autonomous robotics and Artificial Intelligence. It develops E4, a security robot, capable of protecting an interior space in complete autonomy thanks to its numerous sensors and its Artificial Intelligence algorithms (detection, recognition of people and noises). It is evolving in the field of security with the aim of offering its customers an innovative interior security solution.

    As part of the AI Clinic, A.I.MERGENCE will provide use cases and development projects in artificial intelligence. aivancity and A.I.MERGENCE will collaborate to offer aivancity students lectures given by A.I.MERGENCE experts under the pedagogical coordination of aivancity teachers

  • Arts et Métiers

    The partnership agreement with Arts et Métiers provides for many areas of collaboration including: representation of the establishment by its president on the aivancity Board, the exchange of good practices, research and industrial partnerships and international cooperation.

    Arts et Métiers is a major French technological establishment with 8 campuses and 3 institutes. Arts et Métiers’ main mission is the training of engineers and managers in industry and research. Every year it trains more than 6,000 students from Bac+3 to Bac+8. With its training programs, its 15 laboratories and its research partnerships, Arts et Métiers is a socio-economic actor at the service of the territories.


    AMASAI and aivancity set up a contract with SMEs and companies interested in the AI Clinic, a contract in which AMASAI is involved in the follow-up and, if it wishes, work meetings for the support of the students and the SME.

    AMASAI is a consulting company in artificial intelligence and data science. It assists companies in the development of their AI projects through acculturation, ideation techniques and a methodology of compliance by design.


    AVISIA is a Data Centric Consulting Firm that was established in 2007. We support our clients on projects that combine Data, Digital, and Technological expertise to deliver decision support solutions in a comprehensive and responsible approach.

  • BCdiploma

    Thanks to this partnership with BCdiploma, each graduate has a unique Internet link that allows him or her to promote the authenticity of their diploma to the people whom they share this link with (employer, recruiter, etc.). They benefit from an innovative, secure, durable and tamper-proof solution for the delivery of their diploma. Updating the diploma© is an integral part of the solution 

    Blockchain Certified Data has identified that there is no standard on the market allowing the certification of academic or training data in a simple, secure and perennial way. It has therefore developed a unique technology, patented in the United States, allowing to certify data and to give access to a conclusive certificate in one click.

  • Berkeley Global

    The partnership agreement with UC Berkeley will allow our Grande École Program students to immerse themselves for a month in Silicon Valley, allowing them to get involved in one of the world’s most powerful and innovative Artificial Intelligence ecosystems and broaden their academic, professional and cultural horizons. At the end of this learning trip, an “Artificial Intelligence Product Engineering” certificate will be delivered by UC Berkeley. 

    The University of California at Berkeley is the first campus of the University of California and is one of the most selective and prestigious universities in the world. 

  • Beyond the Horizon

    aivancity and Beyond The Horizon collaborate on European projects but also co-construct training programs and develop common online course content. The partnership also provides for the exchange of professors and the joint publication of research articles and blogs related to Artificial Intelligence.

    Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group is a non-partisan, independent, non-profit think tank. Beyond the Horizon's mission is to promote global peace and security by providing policy and decision-makers with knowledge and advocating for ways to prevent, mitigate or end crises and conflicts. Beyond its vision, it is recognized as a center of excellence for professional training and skills development, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Beyond the Horizon collaborates with selected partners and networks worldwide to work on for-profit and non-profit projects in the field of peace and security.

  • Bunqr

    Bunqr is a neobank that automates the accounting of self-employed and very small businesses.

    Bunqr offers a pro account with French IBAN and payment card, connects to all the entrepreneur's banks, automates the collection and entry of purchase invoices, allows to create and send quotes and sales invoices and prepares all the accounting and tax documents thanks to its integrated cabinet.

    It is therefore an all-in-one web/mobile solution that gives entrepreneurs a clear view of their finances in real time and helps them manage and develop their business.

    As part of the aivancity AI Clinic, Bunqr will provide use cases and development projects in artificial intelligence according to the operating procedures of the aivancity AI Clinic. aivancity and Bunqr will also work together to offer students lectures (courses and/or conferences) given by Bunqr experts under the pedagogical coordination of aivancity teachers.

  • Caisse d'Epargne

    The Caisse d'Epargne Ile-de-France has a network of 455 branches for individual customers through out the Paris Region. It has 5,000 employees and 3 million customers, including 675,000 cooperatives hareholders. Everyday, the Caisse d'Epargne Ile-de-France supports all those involved in regional development and provides its customers with 30 business centers dedicated to businesses, the social economy, institutional investors, the public sector, social housing and real estate professionals.

  • CCI Val-de-Marne (Paris-Ile-de-France)

    The CCI Val-de-Marne is at the service of companies and territories. The DNA of the school: "IA, Business, Ethics" macth the expectations of the economic world. Preparing "AIgineers®" for our companies in order to improve their performance, develop our industry and promote employability are the keys to the success of our entrepreneurial network. The multidisciplinary nature of aivancity constitutes a unique didactic laboratory in order to make AI closer to users and decision-makers. The aivancity school for technology, business & society Paris-Cachan is based on a territorial anchoring but with an international vision of excellence that will promote local but also regional attractiveness. For all these reasons the CCI Val-de-Marne supports the school and will stand alongside its directors and the City of Cachan./p>

    The CCI Val-de-Marne is involved, on a daily basis, in the development of the 94,000 companies in the départment (county). To do this, it mobilizes strong and diversified skills. With great on-hand field experience, its advisers, economists, statisticians and legal experts inform, advise and support business creators, traders and managers.

  • Choose paris region

    Choose Paris Region is the promotion and international attractiveness agency for the Ile-de-France region. It works in partnership with all the players in the Ile-de-France region to offer to international companies a tailor-made support service. Choose Paris Region is a catalyst for business and innovation that accompanies international companies in their development in Ile-de-France. The agency combines its market expertise and its network to help international companies build technology partnerships, to draw up their development plan in the Paris region, then to implement their local establishment.

    With its team of 80 employees in Europe, the United States and China, the agency supports a thousand international companies every year seeking to accelerate their development in Europe's leading region, helping to make the Paris Region one of the world's largest regions in terms of economic activity and innovation.


  • Corp Agency

    CORP is specialized in the creation and organization of B2B congresses and trade shows in the field of new technologies, including Big Data & AI Paris and Toronto, Voice Tech Paris, Cyber Security Toronto, Cloud expo Toronto...

    Corp Agency and aivancity collaborate on the annual event, including BIG DATA & AI PARIS of Corp Agency to share their expertise and networks in the area of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and to promote an AI based on trust and responsibility as well as access to education, while at the same time developing common initiatives.

  • Crédit Mutuel

    A leading European bank, recognized for its financial solidity and the quality of its ratios, Crédit Mutuel remains very attached to its core business, retail banking, and to its mutualist values. The Crédit Mutuel group is made up of 19 regional federations, 6 federal banks, more than 2,000 local banks and numerous subsidiaries and 6,000 points of sale. The group places quality of service, innovation and development at the service of people and territories.

  • Data Tryb

    Data Tryb, part of the TRYB HOLDINGS group, is a company specialized in consulting, training and publishing of technological platforms based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

    Data Tryb and aivancity are collaborating within the framework of the AI Clinic, working on R&D topics and working to develop the aivancity offer in Africa.

  • École normale supérieure de Lyon

    Building on the French tradition of excellence of the Écoles Normales Supérieures, the ENS de Lyon trains higher education and research managers in France and around the world.

    A Grande école, a member of the University of Lyon, it brings together all disciplines outside of law and medicine. Educational researchis at the heart of its activity. The ENS de Lyon closely associates research and training.

    Developing fundamental research recognized in France and internationally, with 1 Fields medal and 38 CNRS medals, it encourages interdisciplinary training and research projects capable of giving greater scientificint elligibility to the complexity of current issues. The ENS de Lyon is involved in the socio-economic fabric. On the strength of its values of humanism and public service, it is committed to the dissemination of knowledge to the greatest number of people and greatere quality of opportunity.

    aivancity and the ENS de Lyon are initiating a research collaboration to enable Hugo Hadjur to prepare a thesis in computer science on "the design of autonomous sustainable connected systems with low energy consumption". This thesisis directed by Laurent Lefevre (PhD and HDR), INRIA research fellow for the ENS de Lyon, and isco-supervised by him and Doreid Ammar (PhD), professor and academic director of aivancity.


    ESITC Paris trains highly qualified engineers who are recognized and appreciated by federations and companies in the construction sector. ESITC Paris offers a 5-year post-baccalaureate program and a 3-year engineering program after a BAC+2/3 in civil engineering. The curriculum is based on a continuous adaptation of technical and scientific courses in line with companies and the technical and environmental challenges of tomorrow. Its graduates are destined to occupy design, production, operation or management positions. ESITC Paris was founded in 1992 and is recognized by the French government as an EESPIG (Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur Privé d'Intérêt Général). It is also a member of the UGEI and the CDEFI.

  • ESTP

    ESTP is an engineering school recognized as a private higher education institution of general interest (EESPIG), accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI) and a member of the Conférence des Grandes écoles.

    Founded in 1891, it is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. With 45,000 graduates, 3,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 continuing education trainees each year, ESTP is the school that trains the largest number of professionals in France in the fields of construction, infrastructure, development, real estate and energy efficiency.

  • EPF

    The strategic alliance between aivancity and the EPF, which moved to Cachan in 2021, provides for many areas of collaboration including the EPF’s representation by its director on the aivancity Board, the pooling of resources and educational spaces, a double honors degree, joint research programs and projects, joint corporate events, a joint Industry 4.0 incubator project, etc.

    “The partnership with aivancity is self-evident: on a personal level, because of the relationship of trust established over several years with the founder of this visionary project, Tawhid Chtioui, an innovative entrepreneur in higher education.
    For our institutions, by associating an engineering school which has a very high level of recognition due to its remarkable identity, the quality of its training and diplomas, which cover a wide economic and industrial field and a real educational, both disruptive and visionary start-up, resolutely committed to taking up the challenge of artificial intelligence training. The alliance aims to create original synergies between partners, in particular by multiplying hybrid activities (for example around the transformation of 4.0 industry).”

    Jean-Michel Nicolle, Director of the EPF

  • Ethics + Emerging Sciences

    Based at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group is a non-partisan organization focused on the risk, ethical, and social impact of emerging sciences and technologies.

  • Futurous

    The partnership between aivancity and Futurous focuses on various subjects including the implementation of a continuing education program in the field of Sport and AI, the development of common initiatives, in particular in the field of research, analysis and training.

    Futurous organizes sports and e-sports competitions to raise awareness, educate and inspire communities to breakthrough technologies: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility Technologies, Robotics and Exoskeletons, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Futurous analyzes and demonstrates the place of technology in sports, the evolution of links between the athlete, the competition space and spectators.

  • Generation Fly Lufthansa

    With its GenerationFly program, the Lufthansa Group offers students in France particularly attractive conditions for worldwide travel with Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines.

    Through the GenerationFly program, Lufthansa Group airlines make it easier for our students to travel abroad by offering a range of fares specially designed to meet their needs.

  • Ghana Tech Lab

    Ghana Tech Lab works with ecosystem partners to drive tech innovations and advance digital transformation in Ghana through skills training and providing innovative entrepreneurs access to early-stage funding, mentorship, investors, relevant business and technical support under our incubation program.

    We are established under the Ministry of Communications Ghana’s E-transform project with funding from the World Bank.

    Through a collaborative effort, our work also supports the ambition, creativity, and skills of young people in Ghana under the Pathway to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) Project in partnership with Mastercard Foundation.

    “The partnership has been established to grant Ghanaians easy access to aiviancity's programs and make their process of enrolling into the school a smooth one. This will also facilitate future collaborations to create training programs and other events beneficial to the tech ecosystem in Ghana and France”

  • Huawei

    Huawei is a leading international information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and connected devices company. With integrated solutions across four key areas, telecommunications networks, computing, connected devices and cloud services, Huawei is committed to providing every person, home and business with access to the virtual world, for a smarter, fully connected world. Huawei has more than 194,000 employees and operates in over 170 countries and regions. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a privately held company wholly owned by its employees.

    HUAWEI is committed to providing internship opportunities for aivancity students, including work-study contracts, and to providing HUAWEI certification for aivancity faculty and students (ICT Academy program with Huawei certification course and exam).

  • Kinetix

    Kinetix is a SaaS platform that allows to generate, modify and manipulate 3D animations via deep learning algorithms. Its mission is to allow all creative people to have easy and quick access to 3D animation.

    As part of the AI Clinic, Kinetix will make available use cases and development projects in artificial intelligence. aivancity and Kinetix will also offer aivancity students talks given by Kinetix experts under the pedagogical coordination of aivancity teachers.

  • K nitiv

    Editor of a technical EDM solution for managing complex multi-site assets (large real estate holdings, network of mobile operators, etc.), K nitiv has reinvented the world of EDM by designing an object-oriented graph engine to manage documents and their metadata. This solution breaks with traditional data management tools that use rigid tabular structures that are not very scalable, as well as full text search engines.

    As part of the AI Clinic, K nitiv provides aivancity students with development projects in artificial intelligence and offers them internships or a work-study year.


    Kwalys is a French provider of Bot technology, zero code platform and conversational AI to design omni-channel Virtual Assistants. Kwalys has a strong expertise on voice channels and agnostic conversational assistants and supports any organization in the implementation of User Centric solutions to enable a better user experience and optimization of internal processes.

    Within the framework of the Aivancity AI Clinic, Kwalys will provide use cases and development projects in artificial intelligence according to the operating methods of the Aivancity AI Clinic. Aivancity and Kwalys also collaborate to offer students interventions (courses and/or conferences) given by Kwalys experts with the pedagogical coordination of Aivancity professors.

  • L2F SA

    L2F SA is a swiss company based on the EPFL campus in Lausanne. Financed by private and institutional investors, together with research grants from the Swiss Confederation in collaboration with the EPFL and HEIGVD, our research has been focused on Topological Data Analysis to push the performance of the state of the art while adding a layer of interpretability. Our cloud products are based on our proprietary technologies have been designed to democratize the access to AI for both individual users and enterprise customers.

    Within the framework of the AI Clinic, L2F will make available uses cases and development projects in artificial intelligence. aivancity and L2F will propose to aivancity students interventions provided by L2F experts and will work in particular on the modalities allowing aivancity students to use GIOTTO tools within the framework of introductory courses in AI.

  • Labelia Labs

    Labelia Labs' mission is to develop the positive impacts of Data Science by equipping and promoting collaborative, responsible and trusted approaches. Its work focuses on two areas: privacy-preserving federated learning, and responsible and trusted AI.

    Labelia Labs initiated in 2019 a participatory initiative on the theme of responsible and trusted AI. This brings together 420+ professionals on Meetup, and gave birth to the triptych of tools: framework repository / assessment platform / label for data science practitioners.

    aivancity and Labelia Labs are committed to exchanging on topics related to the ethics of AI and data science and to allowing aivancity students to work on Labelia Labs projects in the AI Clinic.

  • The Francophone Agency for Artificial Intelligence (Afria)

    The Francophone Agency for Artificial Intelligence (Afria), is an international foundation under Swiss law, whose mission is to advise and support public authorities, civil society, academic and scientific circles and the private sector in the acquisition of expertise in AI and its controlled integration for the benefit of the sustainable development of French-speaking countries, particularly in Africa.

    Afria and aivancity share their expertise and networks in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big data management and promote ethical, humanistic, trustworthy and responsible AI as well as access to education.

  • LCL

    A subsidiary of Crédit Agricole SA, LCL is one of the largest retail banks in France. Its ambition is to be the benchmark urban bank for 1 in 7 city dwellers, 1 in 2 small and medium-sized businesses and 1 in 3 SMEs. LCL offers a full range of day-to-daybanking products, loans, personal and property insurance and savings, through out metropolitan France and the French West Indies and Guyana. LCL has 17,500 employees serving 6 million individual customers, 342,000 professionals and 29,500 corporate and institutional clients.

  • Les Roches

    Les Roches is a Swiss institution focused on creating the innovative and entrepreneurial minds of tomorrow. Founded in 1954, Les Roches offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management following the Swiss model of education. With three campuses across Switzerland, Spain, and China; a student body of more than 100 different nationalities, the institution provides students with a unique culturally diverse experience.

    Les Roches ranks world’s top four for higher education institutions in Hospitality Management, and top three for Employer Reputation (QS World University Rankings, 2021). Part of Sommet Education, Les Roches is also accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

    For Pierre Ihmle, Chief Academic Officer at Sommet Education: “The need in the Hospitality Industry to digitalize the service is strong. In any technological development, the notion of ethics is essential, the human being must remain at the core. aivancity was the perfect partner to develop this certificate because of their expertise on the subject of artificial Intelligence of course but also because of their high consciousness of the ethical impact of AI for our society.”

  • Linkedin Learning

    LinkedIn Learning is LinkedIn’s online learning platform with more than 16,000 courses delivered by experts from around the world and a regularly updated library.

    In order to help students develop new skills, aivancity offers access to tailor-made courses based on LinkedIn Learning content, in addition to its range of face-to-face and distance learning courses, within the framework of a long-term partnership concluded with LinkedIn.

    “At aivancity, AI is a great way to create value. We are happy to collaborate with aivancity to help in developing this key competency for students”.

    Samir Beni Nouh, Education Lead - LinkedIn Learning

  • L’institut Sapiens

    The Sapiens Institute, a non-profit organization, is a think tank whose objective is to influence the economic and social debate. Its vocation is three fold: to decipher, decompartmentalize and train in major issues, particularly technological ones.


    aivancity and the Sapiens Institute are working on the implementation of training courses on the theme of "AI & environment". Speakers from the Sapiens Institute will participate in certain Aivancity courses as part of the Bachelor and Grande Ecole programs.


  • MerciYanis

    MerciYanis is the connected and turnkey solution that revolutionizes the management of the work environment. Its mission is to help the actors of the work environment to reduce incidents in the premises to optimize the employee experience. To do this, the Toulouse-based startup offers a solution, at the heart of innovation, which is based on connected buttons, QR codes and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. All this data is centralized on their SaaS platform, which connects to the company's tools and allows remote control of everything.

    MerciYanis will provide use cases and development projects in artificial intelligence within the framework of the AI Clinic and will offer internships to aivancity students as part of their studies.

  • Microsoft

    aivancity and Microsoft in France collaborate on several levels: sharing Artificial Intelligence content and integrating Microsoft Azure certifications into aivancity’s programs, making Microsoft equipment and applications available to all teachers and learners in the school, designing virtual machines for pedagogy and for the work of the AI Clinic and representation on the aivancity Board.

    A key player in the digital, Internet and artificial intelligence sectors, Microsoft has been present in France for 32 years. 

  • Newquest

    Created in 2007, NewQuest Group is an Experience Agency that supports companies in the design, deployment and optimization of their digital strategy as well as in their use of new technologies and media supports. Based in Chambéry, the Group has three subsidiaries abroad (Australia, United States and Hong Kong).

    As part of the AI Clinic, New Quest will accompany students to develop new solutions/applications for Pepper and/or Nao. In addition, New Quest's R&D teams will also give a presentation to aivancity students on the specific software environment for Pepper and/or Nao. Finally, New Quest will be able to accompany aivancity students on field studies as part of their end-of-studies project


    Serving as a space for discussion and reflection by all stakeholders concerned with artificial intelligence (AI), its development and its use, the Observatory brings together more than 160 researchers focused on maximizing the positive effects of AI and minimizing its negative impacts.


    Within the framework of their partnership, PITCHBOY makes available development projects in AI within the framework of the AI clinic and provides courses and lectures to students. aivancity, for its part, accompanies PITCHBOY in its reflection on the ethical stakes of AI.

    "We are very pleased to be part of the beginning of what promises to be a great educational, entrepreneurial and technological adventure. This partnership is strategic for the startup that we are because it will allow us to consolidate our lead around the language, while developing the AI and talents of tomorrow."

    Homéric de Sarthe, CEO of PITCHBOY

  • Pompes funèbres Loïc

    Funeral company with 3 agencies in the Val-De-Marne.

  • Shift

    Shift is a digital innovation consultancy that supports more than 60 major accounts and SMEs, with more than 130 professionals in Lyon, Paris and Marseille. Shift is structured around 3 core businesses: digital transformation consulting, project management assistance and innovative service design. Founded in 2013, the company has experienced an average growth of 30% per year. Its culture strongly encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. It is an independent group 70% owned by its co-founders and 30% by a regional investment fund. Its preferred sectors of intervention are : Life Sciences, Transport & Logistics, Banking and Insurance. Its strategy for 2025 is based on 4 pillars: to implement an ambitious CSR strategy (Shift has been a Mission Company since 2021); to be recognised for its attractive behavioural model; to strengthen its value to the business; and to establish a sustainable presence in the Paris region. The company raised €11M in 2018, ensuring its independence and enabling it to finance the incubation of 5 intra-companies. Shift has been awarded the "Council for the Industry of the Future" label by the AuRA and BFC regions, and the "Pépite | growth entrepreneurs" label by the CCI and the Metropolis of Lyon.

    « As an advisor to numerous companies in the field of innovation and digital project management, and as a regular recruiter, we were immediately convinced by the relevant, visionary and decompartmentalizing positioning of the management team of aivancity School for Technology, Business and Society in the field of AI and data. Moreover, aivancity and shift share a common CSR commitment as Mission Companies. Finally, our education and consulting activities are very complementary and partly address the same professionals. We therefore sign this strong partnership with confidence and enthusiasm. »

  • SMART Technologies

    SMART Technologies' mission is to provide simple, intuitive and connected solutions to help their customers inspire the best out of themselves, students, colleagues and the teams they interact with. They invented the SMART Board® interactive screen and developed SMART Notebook®, the most popular group learning software, and part of SMART Learning Suite.

    In particular, SMART Technologies will work with aivancity faculty to set up a dedicated training program based on the implementation of a capacity analysis of educational technologies and teaching practices; the joint design of a continuous development program on uses and best practices and the joint development of objects, containers and resources; the implementation of a pedagogical framework for the use of educational technologies; and the setting up of continuous process evaluation.

  • SoftBank Robotics Europe

    As part of the AI Clinic, SoftBank Robotics will accompany students to develop new solutions/applications for Pepper and/or Nao. SoftBank's R&D teams will intervene with aivancity students for a presentation of the specific software environment for Pepper and/or Nao.

    Leader in humanoid robotics, SoftBank Robotics Europe (SBRE) is based in Paris and employs around 400 people. Creator of the NAO and Pepper robots, which are now used in more than 70 countries, in fields as diverse as retail, health, tourism and education, SoftBank Robotics Europe is a subsidiary of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.

  • Substrate AI

    Artificial intelligence company founded by Bren Worth in the United States that develops its own technology, based on knowledge-enriched agents that can be trained to perform different tasks.


    SYSTRA is one of the world's leading groups in engineering and consulting specialized in public transportation and mobility solutions. For over 65 years, the Group has been committed to cities and regions, contributing to their development by creating, improving, and modernizing their transportation infrastructures and systems.

    SYSTRA employs over 10,000 collaborators worldwide, with 2,000 of them distributed throughout France for better proximity to our clients. With headquarters in Paris and through around twenty offices in cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille, and Toulouse, SYSTRA offers expertise in over 130 technical specialties and recruits approximately 300 professionals annually.

    Our commitment is to be useful to communities and territories. We strive to leverage all our expertise in developing increasingly efficient projects that are more respectful of people's living conditions and our planet. Join us in working together towards a sustainable trajectory!

    « We are extremely pleased to strengthen our partnership with AIvancity, which began with the integration of a student from the school into our teams. This partnership aims in particular to develop activities related to artificial intelligence in sustainable mobility, which is our core business. The alignment of our values ​​related to technical excellence, boldness, and teamwork around an ethical and sustainable vision has also been a key element of our desire to partner with AIvancity, which we aim to develop in the coming years.»

    Vincent Duguay – Director of the Urban Projects Business Unit at SYSTRA France

  • The Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne

    The Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne is a territorial innovation hub specialized in innovation engineering and expertise in supporting innovative projects. In this context, the Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne has a generalist Start-up incubator, segmented into different verticals.

  • The AI Journal

    At The AI Journal we have an ongoing goal to educate as many people as possible on AI and emerging technology. We’re passionate for creating free tools and resources to support businesses, communities, and individuals of all backgrounds and interests. That’s why we’re excited and proud to be partnered with aivancity Paris-Cachan who share the same passion and vision. The team at aivancity Paris-Cachan are going to bring massive amounts of value to foster the next waves of creativity and innovation, and we’re excited to be by their side for it and help the team, students, and faculty everyway we can.

    The AI Journal is an open source platform that welcomes new ideas, innovation, frameworks, and viewpoints surrounding AI and emerging tech. Our purpose is to educate the world on AI and emerging technology through training, reports, webinars, trend analysis, and recruitment while creating an exceptional user experience and incredible user engagement. Notible names who have used The AI Journal to publish their viewpoint with our 150k+ monthly audience include: Head of AI at BMW Group, CTIO at Capgemini, Co-founder of Tractable, VP at Pegasystems, Head of Data Science at Sophos, VP at Hyland, Amazon bestselling author on Intelligent Automation, President of Engineering and Product at Alida, Chief Architect for AI and Data at Insight, Ex-CEO of IBM, CTO for XPO Logistics, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity, and many, many more.


    Troopy is a free-floating scooter-sharing operator launched in 2018 by the Groupe Chapat, a specialist in mobility services and hundred-year mobility expert in France. After several years of developing a quality scooter-sharing service, we are happy to announce that we are now going all-electric. Embracing a more energy-efficient and collaborative form of mobility, which promotes quality of life and freedom of movement, is essential to tackle the challenges of urban life. Troopy gives a new meaning to shared mobility. Our ambition is to innovate to meet the needs of our users and the sustainable city.

    « Troopy is delighted to be able to partner with aivancity over the long term and work on the jobs of the future. As a committed, technological and responsible company, we are delighted to benefit from the support of such a structure, in order to recruit the talents of tomorrow, but also to be able to bring our knowledge within the framework of courses or seminars. The evolution of shared mobility towards a connected mobility, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, is a strong belief at Troopy that aivancity will allow us to address as a major player. We would like to thank the Dean, Tawhid Chtioui and all his teams for this ambitious partnership. ».


  • TrouveTaVoie

    TrouveTaVoie is a Young Innovative Company that exploits Big-Data, develops artificial intelligence algorithms and web applications to help public organizations, educational institutions, companies and individuals to inform and enlighten their choices in terms of education and employment, whether they relate to public policy, training courses, career guidance or human capital management.

    TrouveTaVoie makes available to aivancity 4 quarterly bulletins on market trends in data/IA professions and practical case studies and development projects in artificial intelligence within the framework of the AI Clinic. TrouveTaVoie will also offer internships as a priority to aivancity students as part of their schooling.


    TUM has long been a driving force in researching the mutual interactions of science, technology and society. Founded in 2019, the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) follows TUM’s strategy for “Human-Centered Engineering” and the university’s bold creation of the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) in 2012, whose mission is to better understand and reflexively shape the multiple interactions between science, technology and society.

  • City of Cachan

    Nestled in the heart of the Scientific Valley of the Bièvre, in the Val-de-Marne, and located in the Greater Paris metropolis, Cachan can boast numerous cultural facilities and is characterized by its higher education and research hub.

    “Hélène de Comarmond, Mayor of Cachan. A partnership with the City, its services and facilities, and with the associative actors will be an interesting way to settle the school within the territory. Students and teachers from higher education institutions are an asset for Cachan and aivancity's presence will strengthen this dynamic”.

  • We The Humans

    We the Humans is a think tank based in Spain that promotes and fosters the social debate on the use and proper development of AI. It supports organizations in the development and adoption of ethics in artificial intelligence. The partnership provides for extensive international collaboration to develop an AI of trust and responsibility.

  • Zelros

    Zelros develops a software platform based on artificial intelligence, which enables insurance companies to offer a personalized customer experience when distributing their services and products : from prioritization of requests and advice, to underwriting.

    Zelros will provide use cases and development projects in artificial intelligence as part of the AI Clinic and will participate in aivancity's training programs, particularly in AI ethics. Zelros and aivancity will also collaborate to design and deliver training programs dedicated to insurance industry executives.