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Financing your professional training

You have a professional training project and you are looking for a way to finance your training? aivancity helps you in your approach.


Discover the financing adapted to your situation

Whether you are an employee on an open-ended or fixed-term contract, a self-employed person, a job seeker or looking for training, several types of aid and financing can help you make your project a reality.

Because the financing of training is sometimes a tricky subject, our teams are at your disposal to assist you in your search for solutions.

aivancity accompanies me in my search for financing

aivancity does everything possible to help you fulfill your project.

There are a multitude of schemes to help project-leaders finance their training. Our team is at your disposal to help you build your personalized financing plan.

Think about anticipating your search for financing :

Some schemes require a lot of time. Several months may pass between the first application and the securing of funding, between the preparation of the application, the response time, and any reminders.

We advise you to start your search for financing as soon as your project arises or, at the very least, 4 to 6 months before the start date of the course.

  • If you are an employee, this allows you to present your training project to your employer during your annual interview or to request a date at a time when activity is less intense.
  • If you are unemployed, this period will allow you to put together a file with your Pôle Emploi advisor.

I am an employee, what solutions can i use to finance my training ?

You invest in yourself, in your potential, for yourself and for your company. As an employee, what options are available to you?

I use my PTA

The Personal Training Account (PTA) is a public system for continuing education. Automatically credited after each year worked, it is a means of payment to finance training.

As an employee, you can therefore unblock your PTA to finance your training. The process is done online from the application or the site.My Training Account.

Our training courses are listed there. You will be able to select the aivancity training of your choice and your request will be automatically sent to us.

If you have a professional reconversion project, the Professional Transition PTA permits you to take a temporary leave of absence from your company in order to follow a certified training allowing you to change your profession or trade.


I am requesting that the OPCO skills operators take charge of my company

Skills Operators (OPCOs) accompany companies in their professional training obligations.

As such, your employer can use its training capital and call on its OPCO referent to finance your training.


I would like to find out about my employer’s skills development plan.

The skills development plan lists all the training programs offered by a company to its employees.

This plan may include a training fund dedicated to employee training. You can therefore apply for funding for your training within the framework of this plan.

I am a senior excutive. How can i quickly find a financing solution for my training ?

You can also access the financing terms and conditions for employees. As an executive, you can even sometimes benefit from tax exemption schemes for your training costs.

Save time by contacting one of our advisers!


I am entrepreneur/ self-employed worker. How can i finance my training ?

I unlock my Personal Training Account (PTA)



I use a Training Insurance Fund (TIF)

The self-employed depend on a TIF. In return for their contribution to vocational training, they can therefore, under certain conditions, obtain total or partial coverage of their training financing.

To benefit from this aid, you must apply for it to your reference TIF :

  • The FIF-PL,, for the liberal professions
  • The AGEFICE, if you are a trader or self-employed manager in trade, industry or services
  • The FAFCEA, if you are a craftsman

Your application must be submitted at least 1 month before the beginning of the training (or, at the latest 10 days before, if you are a professional).

I am a job seeker, how can i finance my training ?


I request the unblocking of my PTA by Pôle Emploi

When you are a job seeker, the amount of your personal training account accrued during your periods of activity is maintained. You can unblock it to finance your training project.

You must make a request to Pôle Emploi, in writing or via the KAIROS platform.


I am applying for the Aide Individuelle à la Formation (AIF) (Individual Training Assistance).

The Individual Training Assistance (ITA) is an aid paid by Pôle Emploi. It is intended for job seekers who wish to retrain or create their own business, under certain conditions.

To benefit from it, the applicant must present her project to her advisor. If the project is validated, the applicant must send the estimate via the KAIROS platform to request support.


I benefit from Pôle Emploi's (RFPE) remuneration during the training course.

Pôle Emploi provides remuneration during training for jobseekers following approved training and not receiving unemployment benefit.

The RFPE is paid under specific conditions and its amount depends on the duration of the training and the applicant’s personal situation.

To benefit from it, you must apply to your Pôle Emploi advisor.