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The civic project


Responsibility is at the heart of our educational mission

In order to increase our students' awareness of societal issues and to develop their sense of responsibility and ethics, a one-semester civic project is mandatory for all students in the Grande Ecole Program and the aivancity Bachelors.

Intended to develop students' societal commitment, the civic project is fully in line with the reinforcement of the ethical dimension, a pillar of all aivancity programs and is perfectly in line with the school's commitments as a Mission Society.

The overall objective of this pedagogical experience is to invite students to reflect on the commitment, the motivations of volunteers, the functioning of an association as well as the role of civil society in human development.

The project can take place within the framework of an associative volunteering or an associative project validated by the program management. It is organized over full days or half days depending on the student's schedule in various fields such as health, education, integration, difference, solidarity, etc.

Association leaders, recruit aivancity student volunteers!

Do you wish to integrate our students for short missions and allow them to carry out their compulsory civic project within your association?



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