yang jiao

Dr. Yang JIAO

Expert Professor in Data science | Lead Data Scientist at Coface
Field(s) of expertise
Data science

Yang Jiao holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Pierre and Marie Curie University. He worked as a data scientist at Cdiscount then at Vente-privee.com, before joining Coface in 2019 as lead data scientist.

2013 - 2018Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie CuriePH.D in Computer Science, Thesis: Applications of Artificial Intelligence In E-Commerce and Finance
2009 - 2013Institut Mines-TélécomEngineering Degree in Risk Management
2020 - Aujourd’huiProfesseur expert IA - aivancity
2019 - Aujourd’huiLead Data Scientist, Coface
2018-2019Senior Data Scientist - Veepee (ex vente-privee.com)
2016- 2018Data Science Consultant, Freelance (Served more than 30 clients in various domains)
  • Yang Jiao et al. (2017) "Predicting stock movement direction with machine learning: An extensive study on S&P 500 stocks," 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), Boston, MA, 2017.
  • Yang Jiao et al. (2017). The categorization challenge organized by Cdiscount on datascience. net in 2015: analysis of the released data set and winning contributions. SFdS - Dossier spécial : Concours et challenges en statistique.
  • Yang Jiao et al. (2016). Reranking strategies based on fine-grained business user events benchmarked on a large e-commerce data set. In International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies, Springer, Cham.
  • Yang Jiao et al. (2015). An entropy-based term weighting scheme and its application in e-commerce search engines. ISWAG (International Symposium on Web Algorithms), 2015.