Dr. Virginie MATHIVET

Expert AI & Deep learning teacher | Director of R&D, Corporate Teamwork
Field(s) of expertise
AI & Deep learning, Machine Learning, IoT, Neural Networks, IA project management

After an INSA engineering degree and a DEA, Virginie MATHIVET did a doctoral thesis at the LIRIS laboratory, in Artificial Intelligence, more precisely on genetic algorithms and neural networks.

After teaching artificial intelligence, robotics and development-related subjects for more than 10 years, she joined TeamWork. There she is Team Leader of the "Data Squad" tribe (IA, ML, DL, Big Data, IoT) and is Director of R&D.

Year University Diploma/Position
2003 - 2007 Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon Doctoratein Artificial Intelligence
2002 - 2003 Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon DEA DISIC in Artificial Intelligence (Document, Image and Communicating Information Systems)
1998 - 2003 Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon Computer engineer
Year Fonction
2020 - Aujourd’hui Professeur Expert - AI & Deep Learning
2017 - Aujourd’hui Expert Professor - AI & Deep Learning
Since 2014 Author for ENI Editions
2010 - 2012 Teacher - ORT Lyon
2008 - 2017 Tenured professor - EPSI
2008 - 2010 Teacher -École Internationale Tunon
  • Virginie MATHIVET [2014 - 2019], « Intelligence artificielle pour les développeurs », Livre, Edition ENI (Version C# et Version Java).
  • Virginie MATHIVET [20 Janvier 2018], « Intelligence Artificielle : la révolution de tous les fantasmes », Article sur Business O Féminin.
  • Virginie MATHIVET [Juillet 2007], « Évolution de second ordre et algorithmes évolutionnaires : l’algorithme RBF-Gene », INSA de Lyon.
  • Virginie Mathivet [5 Octobre 2018], «On entend tout et n'importe quoi sur l'IA », Article sur Wydden (Ex 1001 startups).