Expert Professor in Artificial Intelligence | CTO of the AI Lab at BNP Paribas CIB
Field(s) of expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Generation (NLG), Chatbots open-source patents publishing coaching software

LudanStoecklé is a professional in the AI software industry.

He graduated from the INSA in Lyon with a degree in Computer Science, top of his class in 2003. For 9 years, he was the CTO of Yseop, a reference publisher of Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions, before launching the technical team of Addventa, an AI consulting company.

Today CTO of the AI Lab at BNP Paribas CIB, Ludan develops and industrialises in-house AI products.

He is also the inventor of RosaeNLG, the first open-source, enterprise-ready NLG software.

Beyond his passion for NLG, chatbots and running, Ludan is also known worldwide for his collection of paperweights.

2016John Hopkins University online trainingExecutive Data Science Specialization
2014CourseraIntroduction to Communication Science
2013CourseraCertificate Inspiring leadership through Emotional Intelligence
2013CourseraCertificate Creativity, Innovation, and Change
1998 - 2003INSA Lyon EngineerEngineer’s degree, Computer Science
2020 - PresentProfesseur Expert in Artificial Intelligence - aivancity
2018 - PresentCTO of the Artificial Intelligence Lab - BNPP CIB
2016 - 2018CTO & Associate - Addventa, consulting and service company in Artificial Intelligence
2007 - 2016Consultant, Project Manager, Project Director, Professional Services Director and R&D Director - Yseop
2007Project Manager - Add-Online, Web agency & E-commerce
2006Project Manager - C-S, French technology services company
2003 - 2005Project Manager, Product Owner - Groupe Casino