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Job File: Data Manager (Data management officer)


Internal and external data, big data is a multitude of information to manage. The data manager is responsible for this source, which is as dense as it is valuable.

Data is all the digital data collected on the web or other platforms... It is nowadays essential for artificial intelligence, the management of a company and the development of its offers.



The data manager, also known as the data management officer, or chief data officer, is the official person in charge of a company's massive data.

He is required to work with all professions since he manages both external information and internal information, which is less talked about. These include, for example, data relating to staff in HR departments or even applications...

His purpose is to facilitate access to data. To understand how it could be used to help people choose their organization. He builds a strategy for the governance of megadata. Between statistics, strategy and IT, he creates databases and then establishes links between them. He is in contact with other collaborators in the company (finance, HR, marketing, production...) as well as with data professionals (data scientist, data engineer, data analyst...).

Collecting, classifying, taking charge, updating, securing data and elaborating statistics are his main missions.

In the context of a medical research project, the data manager can, for example, manage data from clinical studies.



Pharmaceutical laboratories, banks, insurance companies and polling firms were the first to hire data managers. The profession is now established in all sectors of activity: e-commerce, public organizations, recruitment agencies and temporary employment agencies...



When we talk about big data, we necessarily also talk about ethics. The storage and use of data is now regulated. Data managers are familiar with these subjects. Data and AI lawyers and ethics officers help them to deepen them.

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Monitoring, ordering and optimizing the use of massive data require a great deal of rigor and concentration. A quick understanding of the data issues for the company in which he works is essential for the chief data officer. It enables him to establish statistics.

Mastering information systems is part of the job. Listening skills, good interpersonal skills and team spirit contribute to success. The capacity for analysis, reasoning and synthesis are expected. Discretion is obviously required given the confidentiality of particular data.

The data manager also has a strategic role: he has to anticipate changes in his sector of activity in order to steer the data one step ahead (zoom on a phenomenon, new statistics...). Technology watch is a professional reflex.



The data manager works in a company, or in a start-up specialized in big data. He can also create his own company.

The management of a department is one of his perspectives of evolution. He can also become responsible for information systems or specialize in a category, for example health, and become a bio-statistician.

Data is a dense and complex science. Tools and methods evolve as the volume of data increases. The data manager plays a major role: his ability to synthesize and prioritize information will determine how well the data is used.