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Job File: Artificial Intelligence Ethics Officer



Artificial intelligence and its algorithms, which can achieve great advances, must remain tools at the service of man and serve his interests. The artificial intelligence ethics officer is the guarantor of companies' values and of users' interest, as consumers or citizens. He or she supervises and oversees the work around data and AI to turn it into a tremendous societal and economic opportunity.



Also known as an Artificial Intelligence Ethicist, her mission is to examine technology from a human values perspective. The delegation of a number of tasks to artificial intelligence systems should not obviate men’s duties. The ethicist ensures that the development of AI and data includes the fundamental principles of our societies and human freedoms. With experts, she designs the relevant algorithmic rules, makes them understandable, monitors learning systems (machine and deep learning) so they evolve while preserving man and the environment. She organizes regular questioning on data and AI topics such as privacy, fairness, neutrality, inclusion of diversity, transparency, accountability and human supervision. The Artificial Intelligence Ethics Officer’ rule of thumb is never to place too much trust in intelligent systems, which are becoming increasingly autonomous. She makes sure that new tools make progress, that employees’ skills grow with transparency and responsibility. Together with management, she defines an ethics policy and trains teams on these subjects. Her role is to determine what is the most important value in a given situation, and to make the best decision according to the context. Her vision is global and her role transversal.

To give a concrete example, the ethics manager can work on explicability, i.e., make it possible to understand why an artificial intelligence system obtains such a result. These are the criteria that define the “reasoning” of an algorithmic system: granting or turning down a loan in the banking sector or selecting a profile in the recruitment sector.



The ethical issue is everywhere artificial intelligence plays a role: cybersecurity, banking-insurance, health, transport, the automotive industry, mass distribution, online services, the environment... Its scope of application is wide. Many ethical questions emerge from each field of activity. If they were not handled with care, companies’ and organizations’ technical deployments would not be sustainable and would tarnish their reputation. The ethics officer therefore plays a key part in companies’ development and technologies.



Freedom, security, responsibility, confidentiality, equality, parity, ecology..., these are the challenges of a responsible artificial intelligence. AI ethics is about transforming the world in a positive way by applying human values.

In their learning, aivancity programs integrate all the components and stakes of artificial intelligence, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. They are global and hybrid training programs that enable future engineers to benefit from a comprehensive level of knowledge and a broad know-how.



Endowed with great legal and philosophical knowledge, the AI Ethics Officer is also very comfortable on technological subjects. She advocates an AI that is aligned with human values. She is a visionary and anticipates technological progress and societal upheavals. Her reflection, both philosophical and pragmatic, enables her to identify the paradoxes between technology and ethics. Her interpersonal skills are excellent. Her interlocutors are varied, she knows each one’s expertise and scope of responsibility. Pedagogy is necessary for her function: explaining the context, making people aware of the issues at stake and training on ethical issues. She justifies her rational choices by emphasizing the client’s interest, environment quality, public safety and the company’s ethical policy. She is able to analyze all situations, anticipate AI’s technological growth and societal changes by seeking trade-offs between progress and ethics. Her automatisms are anticipation and continuous improvement.



Hired in a company or by a specialized firm, she adapts to various sectors. She can also work as an independent consultant.

The Artificial Intelligence Ethics Officer is a key resource for companies, organizations and institutions. Thanks to her work, the potential of artificial intelligence grows while cultivating essential human values.