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Job File: AI project manager in banking and finance


Banking and finance are the forerunners of artificial intelligence, because they embraced the subject at a very early stage. This strategy has enabled the sector to develop at a rapid pace. Automation, blockchain, predictive analysis... The AI project manager in banking & finance pilots the technological evolution of his or her company while complying with the regulatory framework and professional ethics.



She is appointed manager or project leader in AI solutions development in banking and finance. She understands how to use artificial intelligence benefits by integrating it into her organization.

She takes into account the context and stakes to identify AI application areas (customer relations, cybersecurity, trading...). She develops and implements strategies to advance organizational practices (customer relations, product/service offering, operations management, decision-making support...).

The AI manager in banking and finance studies how artificial intelligence can be beneficial to her company. She chooses and implements the solutions that will serve the organization’s ambitions.

The AI project manager in banking and finance identifies the actors for each step of the AI and data projects (collaborators and providers). She accompanies them and trains them when necessary. She knows how to create synergies between the different business lines to foster productive exchanges between support and technical functions. She maintains close relations with general management to get AI strategy and global strategy to coincide. The AI project manager in banking and finance promotes AI and data advances in the company. She accompanies changes and removes security, cultural, technological or organizational obstacles.

She is responsible for costs, deadlines and ethics.

Thanks to the implementation of AI and data, she transforms and modernizes the banking and finance sector for greater reliability and performance.



AI and data in banking and finance intervene on several themes.

  • Customer reception and request processing: they are now automated to save time and optimize the commercial relationship (chatbot, voicebot, robo-advisor, simulators, email analysis to facilitate the description of products and services, trading algorithms...).
  • Targeting and evaluation: the learning machine is at work to analyze data and segment customers according to their behavior (financial context, solvency, consumption of banking and financial products, investment reliability, etc.).
  • Risk management: cyber security (reducing fraud, monitoring transactions and anticipating financial risks)

All these advances provide temporal and economic gains.



The banking and finance sector covers many ethical issues: transparency, data security, freedom, fairness, confidentiality, business transformation, human supervision, etc.

The AI project manager in banking and finance can rely on legal experts' or ethical managers' expertise in artificial intelligence.. , These are valuable support functions to address these specialized topics.

The aivancity programs integrate all artificial intelligence components and stakes, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. It is a global and hybrid training that enables future engineers meet the many challenges of the economy and society related to the exploitation of the potential of data and artificial intelligence. It can be completed by a doctoral or PhD training.



Manager of AI in Banking and Finance is a hybrid position, requiring both sound knowledge of the financial field and significant technological skills in AI and Data.

It is necessary to master software, IT tools and AI/data systems (ERP, cloud, machine learning, IoT, NLP/NLU, data science...). The analysis of complex data is also part of the function’s key competencies.

The AI project manager in banking and finance is well aware of the sector’s different positions (technical and business), as well as their stakes and constraints. As a federator, she brings experts together around common projects.

She is aware of the challenges linked to AI and Data and keeps a watchful eye on technological advances, ethical and legal aspects, as well as on societal impacts.

Endowed with a great sense of relationship, she can communicate in English and French. Her natural authority helps her lead teams in their transformation and continuous improvement projects. Analytical ability, precision, logic, anticipation and method are major qualities for the position.



The AI Project Leader in Banking and Finance can move to the position of AI Director. She can also offer her services as a consultant, if she wishes to explore entrepreneurship.

Thanks to banking and finance, the power of AI power has been unleashed. Ahead of time, the sector continues to work on its technological development, because AI and data are still far from having fully demonstrated all their potential.

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