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Job file : Artificial Intelligence Engineer or AIgineer ©


The stakes of artificial intelligence are as high as its potential. Embodying our professional and personal future, it is one of today's major issues. To manage such power, new professions have emerged, such as that of artificial intelligence engineer.



He can be appointed as an Artificial Intelligence Project Manager, Artificial Intelligence Project Director, Artificial Intelligence Expert or Artificial Intelligence Consultant.

His/her role is to create computer programs capable of exploiting complex data and reacting in a coherent way.

Its work is based on the use of a number of tools to automate tasks that were previously performed by humans. These tools are based on machine learning (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) and simulate to a certain extent what is known about human cognition. This does not make machines intelligent, but it does make them extremely efficient at processing data and reporting correlations.

The engineer creates tools that mimic human reasoning. They are for example intuitive interfaces (such as chatbots), decision support software and automation programs...

Examples include voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri, or anti-spam systems that filter unwanted mail, GPS systems such as Waze that adapt the route in real time according to traffic conditions...



The AI engineer's field of action is vast because many fields are concerned by artificial intelligence. The most advanced on the subject are the health, finance and security sectors.

Trade, transportation, industry, environment and defense are also activities that will be transformed by this new technology. Even our public administrative organizations are taking a keen interest in artificial intelligence.

Possibilities are growing and far reaching (information, image and video processing; robotization; analytical projections...), the AI engineer profession is certainly part and parcel of the future.

The recruitment market in business intelligence is growing denser as the data and performance of our algorithms increase.



Ethics is inseparable from a project related to artificial intelligence.

During systems research and development, the AI engineer must adopt a humanistic approach that upholds the law, equality, the environment, freedoms and the rights of everyone. To do this, he knows how to surround himself with other experts such as artificial intelligence lawyers or ethics officers.

The AI revolution heralds great progress, but it is not without risks. For a computer system to be truly "intelligent" – in other words, to serve us without ever harming us – it must be able to respond to all situations, taking into account societal, individual and environmental regulations. It is the engineer’s job to address these issues with legal and ethical professionals.

Les programmes d’aivancity intègrent dans leurs apprentissages toutes les composantes de l’intelligence artificielle et ses enjeux, qu’ils soient techniques, technologiques, commerciaux, éthiques ou légaux. Ce sont des formations globales et hybrides qui permettent aux futurs ingénieurs de bénéficier d’un niveau de connaissances maximal et d’un large savoir-faire.


As an expert in computer research, the artificial intelligence engineer is required to work in a team, with other professionals related to the nature of the project (data scientist, programmer, linguistic engineer, lawyer, ethics officer...). He obviously has strong technological skills and a 360° vision as a project manager. He masters the science and interpretation of data (data science and data mining), structural analysis of web tools (web crawling), machine learning (machine learning or deep learning)....

Dividing tasks between man and machine is part of his/her skills. The capacity of analysis, anticipation, pugnacity and rigor are his major assets.

The job requires constant training and a good monitoring of the world technological news.



Hired by a company, by a software company or installed on its own, all forms of work are possible for the job of project manager in artificial intelligence. He/She can work for different sectors of activity or specialize. His evolution depends on his abilities and experience. He may be required to lead a team of engineers or to head a research center.

Although already promising, we are only at the beginning of artificial intelligence. Its deployment and expansion to all universes will require the recruitment of many AI talents.


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