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Job File: Artificial intelligence research and development (R&D) project manager


The stakes of artificial intelligence are as high as its potential. Embodying our professional and personal future, it is one of today's major issues. To manage such power, new professions have emerged, such as that of artificial intelligence engineer.



She may be appointed as an Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer or Artificial Intelligence Researcher.

Her mission is to examine AI technology through the prism of a project. It may be an innovation for the energy sector, for the medical field, for the tertiary sector, for the environment... Her work is that of a scientist, applied to the computer field: definition and monitoring of specifications, feasibility study, analysis, testing, reporting, technology watch. She will build R&D programs, develop and manage technological roadmaps, lead working groups with experts (internal and/or external), and leverage results. The management of patents, licenses and labels is also part of her scope of responsibility. All these missions must obviously be carried out on time and within budget.



As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, health, finance and security have the lead, but the other sectors are far from being excluded from the subject: institutions (schools, administrations, public organizations), transport, recycling, defense, industry, tertiary sector...

The work of the artificial intelligence researcher is crucial. No innovation is launched without a research and test phase. She then hands over to the engineers to make it happen. The economic stakes are high for the R&D department; it is her team that enables the birth of a project. It is thanks to her that the brand is able to give its verdict: “go” or “no go”.

Many companies have implemented AI in their R&D department. Some are already working on new products, others are looking for ways to use this new technology.



Ethics is intrinsically linked to artificial intelligence. Big data has raised a multitude of questions about freedom and security. Legislation around these subjects is being put in place. The IA R&D project manager is already confronted with ethics during her research work. She must also take it into account in her mission to anticipate risks (ethical and legal). Experts such as artificial intelligence lawyers or ethics managers can be valuable supports to address these important topics.

Aivancity programs integrate into their learning all the components of artificial intelligence and its challenges, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. These are global and hybrid training courses that allow future engineers to benefit from a maximum level of knowledge and a wide know-how.



An expert in computer research, the R&D project manager in artificial intelligence likes to work in a team (data scientist, business data analyst, AI ethics manager, data and AI lawyer...). She knows how to supervise and coordinate the work of the different actors.

Precision, analysis and synthesis are the skills she will mobilize on a daily basis. Method and organization are obviously her virtues. Her technical skills and technological knowledge are important and varied in order to have as broad a vision as possible.

Data science, machine learning, text mining, deep learning sont ses terrains de jeu. Il connaît l’univers de la programmation (Python, C/C++, JAVA, SQL, VB6…)., ainsi que les systèmes de bases de données (Oracle, Neo4j, Access, GraphDB…), et les plateformes big data (Hadoop, Spark).

Data science, machine learning, text mining, deep learning are her playgrounds. She knows the world of programming (Python, C/C++, JAVA, SQL, VB6...), as well as database systems (Oracle, Neo4j, Access, GraphDB...), and big data platforms (Hadoop, Spark).

The Artificial Intelligence R&D project manager remains on the lookout for technological topics and is regularly trained.



In a company or research center, the Artificial Intelligence R&D project manager can adapt to various sectors of activity. Some specialize after a few years of experience. Career prospects are great. Managing a department or directing a research center are among their career paths.

The Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Project Manager allows innovations to see the light of day. This is a key position for all companies wishing to use AI in their expansion.