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Job File: Business data analyst


As the “new black gold” that fuels the digital economy, data has become a source of enrichment for companies that know how to process and value it. The business data analyst is in charge of defining the way a company can exploit it. He or she extracts essential indicators to improve the company’s global strategy, operational processes, customer relations, marketing...

‘Data’ is the set of digital (internal and external) data. Today it is essential to artificial intelligence, to the strategic management of a company and to the development of its offerings.



The business data analyst or business data manager is the translator of a company’s internal and external data. She knows how to segment and interpret them to provide clear information to decision-makers. She navigates between various technical professions (data scientist, data engineer, data analyst...), who are in charge of data cleaning and processing, and strategic professions (HRD, CFO, Marketing Director, General Manager) for which she seeks solutions in data interpretation. She builds bridges between these two universes.

The Business data analyst captures management’s strategic vision, operational businesses’ needs and external and internal constraints. She uses digital information in all its forms and through different prisms to propose areas for reflection.

He analyzes the information she deems relevant to improve performance. She synthesizes and makes her conclusions intelligible to all employees.

His work’s precision enables him to accurately grasp the market situation (identify purchasing and consumption trends and thus refine her targets’ profile) but also to anticipate future developments.

Concretely, her results will bring about new and better targeted marketing campaigns, product/service launches, problem-solving, different positioning... These changes also influence all internal operations: recruitment, management/finance, R&D...



Business data analysis is fundamentally linked to commercial, financial and strategic aspects. It is essential for company growth today. This discipline ensures the best recommendations emerge according to the internal and external contexts.

Business data analysts can be found in various sectors: pharmaceutical laboratories, banking, insurance, e-commerce, public organizations, automotive and food industries, recruitment, transport, aeronautics...



Ethics is intrinsically linked to big data. Respect for the law, transparency, human supervision, freedom, equality, neutrality are recurring themes when working with data. Data and AI lawyers as well as ethics officers are essential support functions to help the business data analyst in her daily work.

aivancity programs integrate all artificial intelligence components and challenges, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. These are global and hybrid training programs that allow future engineers to benefit from a comprehensive level of knowledge and a broad range of know-how.



Business data analysts are equipped with a lot of knowledge and skills. It is not uncommon for them to have worked in operational management functions or to have studied these disciplines in addition to their technical backgrounds. Conversely, they may also come from a business school and have specialized in business data analytics afterwards. Sound sector knowledge is absolutely necessary for the position. The business data analyst directs her investigations according to the strategic, economic and marketing issues she is familiar with. She has a broad and precise vision of the market and of her company. Her position is at the intersection of analytical mathematics, IT and business.

Analytical capacity and curiosity are at the origin of her vocation. Her pedagogical skills make her conclusions intelligible. She knows how to change interlocutors regularly. Her adaptability and excellent people skills enable her to collaborate with technical experts, support functions and top management.

She is proficient in business intelligence statistical tools (such as NetSuite, Power BI, Logi Analytics, Tableau...) and analysis tools (SAS, SQL, VBA, ACCES, R), as well as databases (data warehouse). An expert in project management, she is able to work on several subjects.

He is rigorous and always goes one step further than his research to predict market behavior, for example. Obviously, she keeps a watchful eye on all data and AI topics.



Her profile variety makes her a rare candidate, extremely sought after by recruiters. She works in a company, in a start-up specializing in big data or as a freelancer. Later, she can become a data manager (manager data analyst or head of data).

With his atypical and hybrid profile, the business data analyst is a prime witness to the power of data. His conclusions are essential for strategic decision-making and company growth.