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Job File : Data and Artificial Intelligence Lawyer

Juriste en data et en intelligence artificielle

Artificial intelligence and data constitute a new specificity for the legal profession. The law is evolving rapidly on these issues. Companies therefore need to surround themselves with experts capable of helping them place respect for people and the law at the heart of their technological evolution.




He is responsible for contracts (preparation, verification, security); she answers employees’ and management’s legal questions and follows current procedures. She also attends a number of technical meetings with experts, to take into account projects operational aspects and ensure their compliance.

Here is an example of a concrete application: the data and AI lawyer drafts the legal information that must be accessible to Internet users concerning the security of their personal data, for example in the context of an online sale.



A legal framework is necessary for all data and AI deployments, whatever the industry. Whether in the service sector, the chemical industry or agriculture, all sectors need to work on the conformity of their technological projects, so they can see the light of day and, above all, evolve in complete security.



Freedom, security, confidentiality..., these are the stakes of an artificial intelligence that complies with the law. AI and data are beneficial revolutions as long as they respect human values and comply with the law.

In their learning, aivancity programs integrate all the components of artificial intelligence and its stakes, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. It is a global and hybrid training that enables future engineers to meet the many challenges of the economy and society related to the exploitation of the potential of data and artificial intelligence. It can be completed by a doctoral or PhD training.



A background in law is obviously essential, but it is closely matched by a sound knowledge of AI and data subjects. The data and AI lawyer knows how to use pedagogy to address experts. These two worlds have pragmatism in common. Listening is also important.

Sense of analysis and predictability are essential qualities for the job of data and AI lawyer. Laws closely follow technological advances, so it is useful to be able to clear the ground beforehand so as to be one step ahead of the legal provisions that will be enacted.



Hired in a company within a legal department or by a law firm, she adapts to various sectors. She can also work as an independent consultant.

Far from slowing down the power of AI and data, the lawyer ensures that it provides all the legal comfort necessary for its deployment. It also guarantees the players in this revolution that they can exercise their expertise in a secure manner. When it comes to AI, compliance and power make up a powerful duo.

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