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Job File: Intelligent Digital Systems Manager


Digitization, big data, chatbot, user experience, e-commerce, the internet of things, these are so many topics covered by the Intelligent Digital Systems Manager position. In order for AI and data technologies to reveal all their potentials, they must be part of a cycle of complementarity as well as individual and general performance. The intelligent digital systems manager is a conductor’s job.



He or she is responsible for intelligent digital systems: she is also known as the intelligent systems manager .

  • He pilots the companies’ intelligent digital force. Her job is to structure, organize and monitor the different stakeholders in AI and data subjects.
  • He defines a strategy that she reviews regularly since evolutions are frequent.
  • His hybrid action falls between “legacy” management and new systems development, a rich tandem and value creator when it is harmonized.
  • AI and data encourage to review the organization, to work differently, to consider customer relationships from a new perspective.
  • The IDSM knows how to recruit experts for each project, how to make business lines evolve, how to coordinate and federate teams so that they collaborate in a virtuous and fruitful partnership.
  • He promotes AI initiatives and reconciles business cultures.
  • He defines the order of priorities for AI and data projects.
  • He chooses suppliers and service providers while keeping within budget.
  • He works on the system’s profitability and makes regular updates with the information systems director and the general management.
  • He also has to detect growth opportunities: new data to exploit, products to launch, a chatbot system to help customers, the Internet of Things, etc.
  • Choosing the infrastructure with experts is also part of his attributions (datalab, datalake...).
  • Piloting is done with an eye to innovation and continuous improvement for the company’s development, both internally and externally.
  • Rationalizing expertise, driving innovation and generating business are the function’s three pillars..



The Intelligent Digital Systems Director can offer her expertise to all sectors: Construction companies, energy sector, supply chain, agriculture, industry 4.0, retail.... She must understand her sector’s internal and external challenges in order to create its architecture and deploy her strategy.

The SDI management bears an important business responsibility. Implementation of a cross-channel strategy, development of e-commerce, specific platforms, chatbots, data exploitation... All these actions entail the acquisition of leads, a more precise knowledge of customers’ needs, their loyalty and striving for market share gains.



The head of intelligent digital systems knows the sensitive topics related to AI and especially to big data. He or she must find the balance between technological transformation and respect for rights, freedoms and ethics. She works in close collaboration with other experts such as data and AI lawyers as well as ethics officers..

In their learning, aivancity programsintegrate all artificial intelligence components and stakes, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. They are global and hybrid training programs that let future engineers benefit from a comprehensive level of knowledge and a wide range of know-how.



In addition to his extensive computer, digital and technological knowledge, the Intelligent Systems Director knows how to lead and facilitate teams. Knowledge management is part of her know-how. Since AI and data are rather cross-disciplinary disciplines, she has to be very flexible in order to place them in hierarchies that are organized in different ways (for example, by proposing mixed project teams). His mission is both operational and conceptual, covering both internal and external aspects. Her vision is global and precise.

He always looks for coherence and combines agility, versatility and pragmatism. She benefits from great natural authority. The culture of results, anticipation, methodology, monitoring and leadership are essential reflexes for the position. A marketing and sales vision is obviously also required.

Here is a concrete example: she works to ensure that all those involved in AI and data projects have access to the same sources of information at the same time. The solutions she deploys provide an intelligent environment to create closer collaboration between different workgroups, thereby fostering the development of innovation.



Usually hired by a company, she can however be found in SSII or self-employed. Her career prospects are linked to the number of people she manages and the challenges the position offers. With the progress of AI and its growing importance in companies, there is a good chance that intelligent digital systems directors will replace information systems directors within a few years.

The Director of Intelligent Digital Systems position is both plural and evolving, and is an ongoing challenge. Between technologies, business issues, organization and management, she fosters growth for both people and the company.

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