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Job File: AI marketing project manager


Marketing is one of the great beneficiaries of artificial intelligence and data in businesses: predictive analysis, customer experience improvement, personalization, permanent adaptation of the marketing strategy, time saving, etc. A hybrid profession by definition, the AI marketing project manager initiates and accompanies the technological transformation of his or her field by taking into account the ethical and societal implications.



The AI Marketing Project Manager (a.k.a. AI Marketing Manager) explores and exploits artificial intelligence and data sciences potentials to advance marketing. She defines a strategy and prioritizes innovations with a business objective, based on context and profit assessment. She chooses the data to be interpreted, the most relevant segments and the innovative tools to be implemented. To guarantee the technological transition in marketing, she raises employee’s awareness of the technological stakes and trains them. She creates collaborations between the different professions, linking marketers and technology experts, so that their interactions offer fruitful results. The AI project manager in marketing monitors the implementation of new AI solutions and their deployment while keeping within costs, deadlines, ethics and legal rules.



Machine and deep learning, NLP/NLU, robotics and data analysis, these are technologies that save time and increase marketing efficiency to drive market share gains and customer buy-in.

  • Callbot, chatbot, referral marketing, product sheet translations optimize the customer/user experience (the UX), reduce churn rates, increase up-sell and cross-sell sales...
  • Extraction of opinions and comments, real-time analysis of customer exchanges, behavioral studies, segmentation and predictive analysis: these refine the marketing strategy to adapt the product/service offer and better target marketing campaigns.

AI and data adapted to marketing are attractive to many sectors: banking, insurance, e-commerce, transport, medical, public institutions, among others.



Artificial intelligence and data in the field of marketing trigger ethical, societal and environmental questions.  However, augmented marketing can also prove more sustainable, since algorithms work on the level of the product or service offered relevance, in line with customer expectations.

The challenge of AI in marketing is to move from over-consuming to sustainable and responsible consumption.

Experts such as legal specialists in artificial intelligence or AI ethics managers are essential support functions on these subjects. 

The aivancity programs integrate in their learning all artificial intelligence components and stakes, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. It is a global and hybrid training that helps future engineers meet the many economic and social challenges related to the exploitation of data and artificial intelligence potentials. It can be completed with a doctoral or PhD training.



AI Marketing Manager is a hybrid function, which mobilizes both great knowledge of market science and significant technological knowledge.

It is necessary to have a sound command of software, computer tools and AI/data systems (deep and machine learning, IoT, NLP/NLU, data science...).

This versatile project manager knows the marketing professions (web marketer, research manager, product manager, merchandiser, direct marketing manager, customer relationship manager...), as well as the relevant AI and data skills.

Perfectly bilingual and endowed with great people skills, he or she knows how to lead teams and projects by following the course of continuous improvement and technological transformation. Precise, logical and structured, she federates, analyzes and shows great discernment. Always on the lookout, she is capable of anticipation and long-term vision.



The AI marketing project manager can evolve to a position of marketing director or AI manager. She can also offer her services as a consultant.

AI and data innovations revolutionize marketing and its professions, opening up important business opportunities. The AI project manager in marketing is a talented juggler who knows how to handle technology, performance and ethics.

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