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Job File : Machine Learning developer

Développeur machine learning

Machine learning is an artificial intelligence technology. It is also called machine learning. The computer receives data streams that let it learn and react. The machine learning developer creates, pilots and adjusts the computer programs that enable the implementation of this technology.

Machine learning (ML) is the application of statistical methods to algorithms to make them more intelligent. The computer receives a lot of information and deduces from it various forms of logic and reasoning. Machine learning is an artificial intelligence that works on its own, provided it is given the information that makes it capable of learning independently.



The machine learning developer is dedicated to data analysis techniques, algorithms and statistics. Big data is his/her context, computer languages are her reflexes. She designs and develops innovative machine learning solutions to make artificial intelligence evolve, whatever the branch (computer-aided vision, linguistic programming or other...).

He plans the best solution for the most satisfactory user experience possible.

He makes the link between data, a task to be accomplished, a learning algorithm and a performance measure. She orchestrates the whole thing.

For example, the machine learning developer can contribute to the creation of autonomous robots or work for the e-commerce sector, creating solutions for analyzing verbatim data: emails, customer reviews, newspaper articles, social network posts, etc.



The machine learning developer's work touches all sectors concerned with artificial intelligence: e-commerce, medical, banking, security, transport, logistics...

Fraud detection, image recognition, voice recognition... are all performances that we can credit to machine learning.

Let's mention for example the suggestions we regularly receive (Netflix, la Redoute...). Through the Internet user's history and research, machine learning technology is able to identify the consumer / customer's tastes and propose products that may interest him.



The machine learning developer can be assisted by data and AI lawyers and ethics officers to answer specific security and freedom questions. Some of these functions are present in-house. They can also be found as freelancers or in consulting firms.

aivancity programsintegrate in their learning all artificial intelligence components and its challenges, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. These are global and hybrid training programs that ensure future engineers benefit from a maximum level of knowledge and a wide range of know-how.



The machine learning developer is agile and likes to work in a team. They work in close collaboration with data scientists. He/she has advanced skills in computer languages: Python, Java, R... He knows the frameworks (structures) in machine learning (PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow) and databases (SQL or NoSQL). Technology watch is a daily routine.

He is a passionate person who is aware of evolving in an exciting universe. Her perseverance, enthusiasm and flexibility are her major assets.



The machine learning developer can work in a company (in an R&D department) or in a start-up that offers ML services. They can then move on to become a lead developer to manage a team.

Machine learning is a stimulating world with numerous challenges. Every day, the machine learning developer contributes to the improvement and speed of artificial intelligence. He is a revelator of its power.