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Job File : Lead Artificial Intelligence developer

métiers de l'IA

Artificial intelligence needs teams of developers, and these teams need a lead. The lead developer combines technical and human skills to lead his collaborators in building a successful AI product.



Also known as lead developer or programming project manager, the lead developer manages a team of AI developers. He/she structures and coordinates the work of his/her collaborators who design and test sophisticated algorithms to carry out artificial intelligence projects.

They may be responsible for one or more subjects. As experienced developers, their mission is both technical and about team management. They are responsible for the choices made by their developers and for monitoring their work. They participate in the analysis of needs, uses their technical skills to build a suitable solution and supervise verification tests. They define the pace of the mission and respect the budget. They may also be required to train their team or users and to provide assistance.

The managerial aspect of their job is also crucial, as they supervise a team, which they must support, guide and motivate. Their choice prevails in case of disagreement.



The scope of application of the AI lead developer is extremely wide. He can manage collaborators on different projects and in various fields: logistics, robotics, aerospace, medical, video games, etc. The AI lead developer can be specialised according to his previous experiences, for example in ALP (automatic language processing, i.e. linguistic programming). He can be found in private companies but also in public organisations.



During analysis, development, testing and training, he must adopt a humanistic approach that respects the law, equality, the environment, the freedoms and rights of everyone. To do this, he knows how to surround himself with other experts such as lawyers in artificial intelligence or ethics managers.

aivancity's programs incorporate all components of artificial intelligence and its challenges, whether technical, technological, commercial, ethical or legal. These are global and hybrid courses that allow future engineers to benefit from a maximum level of knowledge and a wide range of know-how.


The lead developer must first of all demonstrate the ability to adapt and analyse in order to implement the best solution for the project.

In the field of artificial intelligence, where developments are permanent, it is necessary to keep a technological watch and to know the different solutions on the market that allow an efficient implementation of the AI project.

His skills are those of an expert: programming methods and techniques, development tools and programming languages. Machine learning and deep learning are his must-haves. His English is fluent, of course!

At the head of one or more teams, the lead developer has an acute sense of interpersonal relations, he/she knows how to dialogue, exchange and promote the work and qualities of the people he/she manages.



The lead developer works in a company that has artificial intelligence needs or for a company that offers AI development services. The technologies will continue to evolve and the job will certainly be divided into several categories, linked to the different branches of AI or even to different sectors of activity.

What could be more stimulating than accompanying teams to develop the technologies of tomorrow? The job of lead developer excludes routine and cultivates enthusiasm.