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Job File: Big Data Consultant

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Data is all the internal and external digital data present on the web. A source of valuable market information, it is essential for the management of a company and the development of its offers.



The big data consultant, also called data value consultant, intervenes in companies for consulting missions. This can be for organisations that have never taken action on their data or for companies that want to fine-tune their strategy. The big data consultant starts by collecting and sorting all the available data, then moves on to the analysis phase while supplementing the company's own data with external open data. Through in-depth research, he selects relevant information about market trends, customer behaviour, competitors or the company's value chain. This enables him to make recommendations: business orientations, development of a service, product or offer, acquisition of new tools (internal and/or external) to improve the existing ones and conquer new market segments and new targets or optimise the management of the company's operations.

The data value consultant then organises the implementation of the data project by bringing together all players concerned. Once needs and constraints of each party have been collected and the existing IT system has been taken into account, he delivers his recommendations: objectives, organisation, planning, technical tools, methods, budget, coordination, etc.



Whether in industry or service, data is an essential source of information for developing offers, products and activities. For example, it can be used to define new marketing campaigns, to validate a product or offer launch, and to forecast company's development paths.

Banks, insurance, transport, e-commerce, energy, hotels, health, institutions, medical, chemicals... The intervention of a big data consultant is adaptable to all sectors of activity. In each company, the use of data offers fertile avenues for progress.



Massive data and its processing raise ethical and legal issues. The storage and use of data is now regulated. The big data consultant knows how to work within an ethical framework. However, he can rely on lawyers in artificial intelligence and ethical managers when certain questions are too specific.

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The major skill of the data value consultant is expertise in business intelligence. His rigour, concentration and acuity are his professional strengths.

He has solid technical knowledge: systems architecture, networks, CRM, databases (No-SQL), statistics.

Data-related technologies are his playground: Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, Yarn, Cloudera, etc.

The big data consultant understands the field in which he/she intervenes, the company's activities, its challenges and its limits. They quickly grasp the subjects to establish the best recommendations.

He/she masters the conduct of meetings and projects. He has great relational and organisational skills. Their commitment is unifying. Autonomous and curious, he works with an eye to the company's constraints and development possibilities. His approach is always geared towards market growth.

As good a communicator as he is in writing, he knows how to write regular reports and choose appropriate methods. Technology watch is part of his professional reflexes. English is compulsory for certain positions.



The data manager works on his own account, for an IT services company or for a company specialising in data. After a few years' experience, they can aim for more ambitious projects or larger companies. The position of director of digital systems (or IS) is one of his or her career development prospects.

An economic asset, a competitive advantage and a performance driver, data is becoming increasingly dense and its exploitation is now an imperative.

The big data consultant offers companies a qualitative analysis of massive data to extract concrete indicators to be used for commercial purposes. Data is the nugget of digital!