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International Summer School - "Understanding" Artificial Intelligence and Big Data



These programs help discover Artificial Intelligence in its technological and organizational implications and explore the issues and challenges it poses to thecompany.

In addition to presentations and lectures by the best specialists in the industry, there will be an emphasis on case studies, work in small groups, testimonials from AI actors, and visits to companies involved in AI projects.

Participants in these summer programs will also have the opportunity to carry out an AI project (Chatbot, robot, prediction from data ...).

Secondary school students will also be able to get acquainted with the wide range of AI professions (data scientist, data manager, data engineer, data mining, AI project manager, AI manager, AI Architect, etc.), professions that are booming and that will structure tomorrow's job market. They will have the opportunity to exchange with professionals and get all the information they need (What career paths? How long? What prerequisites? What salaries? ...).



The training takes place on the 5.0 campus of aivancity Paris-Cachan; company visits are organized in the Paris region.

For international students, additional cultural and touristic activities are available in order to discover France and its richness (Versailles Palace, Mont Saint Michel ...).

Registration fees

1,500 €, including company visits and the cultural day, not including accommodation and meals (lunch and snacks).




  • Historical presentation, AI tools, group work: the panorama of the major players in AI in 2020 (USA, China, Europe)
  • Analysis of use cases: AI fields of application, changes in practices, company visit with illustration of Artificial Intelligence applications.
  • Working groups, project launch, first steps
  • Training courses, career paths, professional trajectories, salaries, etc.



  • Company visit, AI startup testimonials
  • General presentation of the problems, internal questions, necessary data, means of communication or/and e-reputation, click workers, testimonials and exchanges with AI actors.
  • Large volumes of data, data economy, return on biases and impacts
  • From idea to realization
  • Delivery of certificates.


Trainers / Teachers


Ahmed Abbessi

Expertise : Transformation digitale, Data Science, Analytics, Strategy

Professeur Expert aivancity

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yang jiao

Yang Jiao

Expertise : Intelligence Artificielle

Professeur Expert aivancity, | Lead Data Scientist chez Coface

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Maeliza Seymour

Expertise : AI Coding, Gestion de projets, Machine Learning, Conduite du changement, Communication

Professeur Expert aivancity

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Stéphane Urena

Expertise : Data science

Professeur Expert aivancity

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Boris Yepmo

Expertise : Data science, Python, Big Data, IT, Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Finance

Professeur Expert aivancity

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"Understanding" Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

  • access

    Target Audience : High school students - No pre-requisites are required to take this program. It is designed for high school students who do not have advanced knowledge in the field of technology and artificial intelligence.

  • langue

    Language French/ English

  • diplome

    Certificate At the end of the summer school, participants who have completed all of the program’s educational activities receive a certificate of aivancity.

  • calendrier

    Next Session July 3 to 13, 2023