aivancity Paris-Cachan

International Summer School: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Summer School 2023


The summer school 'Understanding AI and Big Data' by aivancity enables a diverse audience of French and international students and high school students to explore Artificial Intelligence in its technical and organizational implications, and to delve into the societal challenges and issues it presents.

In addition to presentations and conferences led by our professors and domain experts, our program places a strong emphasis on case studies, group work, testimonials from AI stakeholders, and visits to companies involved in AI projects.

Participants in this summer school will also have the opportunity to complete two projects in AI and Data (e.g., Chatbot, facial recognition, robotics, data-driven predictions, etc.).

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the wide range of AI professions (such as data scientist, data manager, data engineer, data mining specialist, AI project manager, AI manager, AI architect, etc.), which are rapidly growing and will shape tomorrow's job market. They will also gain insights into how AI is transforming jobs and professional practices more broadly.

They will have the opportunity to engage with professionals and obtain information about career paths, prerequisites, and careers in AI and Data-related fields. Additionally, they will learn how to leverage AI skills in various professions and domains of activity.



The training will take place at the 5.0 campus of aivancity Paris-Cachan; company visits and cultural outings may be organized in the Paris region.

For international students and high school students, additional cultural and tourist activities may be offered to explore the Paris region and its attractions.


Registration Fees/h2>

  • Program without accommodation: Price €1500:
    • Included: classes and company visits.
    • Not included: accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours.
  • Program with accommodation: Price €3200:
    • Included: classes, company visits, accommodation in residence (2, 3, or 4 per room), breakfast, lunch box, airport pick-up (round trip), and guidance for scheduled sightseeing tours in the program.
    • Not included: dinners, tourist expenses, and travel expenses outside of the program.



Week 1

  • Historical Overview (from Turing to the Dartmouth Conference, from Deep Blue to DeepMind)
  • AI Tools: Which algorithms? What types of learning? What data? What computing power?
  • Group Work: Overview of Major Players in AI in 2020 (USA, China, Europe)
  • Completion of an AI Project (Example: Robot, Facial Recognition, Chatbot...)
  • Impacts of AI on Jobs and Professional Practices, AI Professions
  • Company Visit in AI
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • Practical (No Code) Deep Learning and Transfer Learning


Week 2

  • The Data Economy: The New World Order?
  • Data Collection and Exploratory Analysis
  • Big Data and Associated Technologies
  • Introduction to APIs and Their Use
  • General Overview of Human and Societal Challenges
  • Legal Framework of AI and Data
  • Ethics of AI and Big Data Management
  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Generative Techniques and Models
  • Practical applications of generative AI (generation of text, images, music, video, code, etc.)
  • Data project implementation (e.g. predictive analysis, data visualization, etc.)
  • AI use cases
  • AI company visit
  • Certificates awarded


Trainers / Teachers

Dr. Doreid

Dr. Doreid AMMAR

Field(s) of expertise Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Computer Networks

Professor in Data science and Computer science | Academic Director

Voir son profil académique

Maria Mont Verdaguer

Maria Mont Verdaguer

Field(s) of expertise Philosophy of AI and photography, Business ethics and CSR

Associate Professor in AI Ethics

Voir son profil académique


Dr. Yasser ALMEHIO

Field(s) of expertise: Computer Vision, IA

Professor and expert in Computer Vision and AI | System Design Leader, Research and Innovation at Valeo

Eric RH


Field(s) of expertise: Human resources

Expert HR teacher - Founder of Ramp-Up-RH



Field(s) of expertise: AI Law, Data Protection, Contract Law, European Law, Sustainable Law, Sustainable Finance, Civil Law, Insurance Law, Arbitration

Senior legal advisor | Professor Expert in artificial intelligence law

"Understanding" Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

  • access

    Target Audience : University students and high school students.
    No pre-requisites necessary to follow the program. It is designed for high school and university students with no previous knowledge in the field of technology or Artificial Intelligence.

  • langue

    Language English

  • diplome

    Certificate At the end of the summer school, participants who have completed all of the program’s educational activities receive a certificate of aivancity: certificate awarded to all regular participants.

  • calendrier

    Duration 2 weeks

  • calendrier

    Next Session July 1 to 12, 2024