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Data-driven decision making

Prise de décision basée sur les données


This module is the first part of the"Data Science and Modeling" certificate. The objective is to take in hand data visualization, exploratory data analysis, then explore the power of data and its role in business decision making.



This course will give you :

  • The basic knowledge and business applications of data science
  • Concrete experience in data cleansing and data visualization
  • The skills to implement data solutions in your company



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    Day 1: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Discover the fundamentals of data science and its role in business decision-making.

    The main concepts covered in this module are: decision making with data, data coding methods, and the Python programming language using Pandas and Jupiter Notebook.

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    Day 2: Data cleansing and visualization

    Focus on data cleaning and data visualization methods: how to understand data and how to bring out their information.

    The main concepts covered in this module are: data cleaning, data visualization, the NumPy and Matplotlib libraries and visual narration.

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    Day 3: Clean up and visualize a business database

    Explore a practical example to clean, understand, and visualize a business database.

    The main concepts covered in this module are: data-driven decision making, data cleansing, data visualization and visual storytelling.




Doreid Ammar

Expertise : Data science

Professor in Data science and Computer science | Academic Directors

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de france

Ysens de France

Expertise : AI Law

Associate Professor of AI Law | Director of Foresight at the Sapiens Institute

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Data-driven decision making


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    PrerequisitesGood knowledge of mathematical tools (linear algebra, probability, statistics) and programming (Python).

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    Location Cachan

  • calendrier

    Duration of the training 4 days

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    Dates January 6-7 & 20-21, 2023

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    Price€1,950 excluding VAT


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