Ysens de FRANCE

Dr. Ysens de FRANCE

Associate Professor of AI Law | Director of Foresight at the Sapiens Institute
Field(s) of expertise
AI law, Terrestrial robotics, Military robotics, Dual application of technological innovation, International & European law applied to Artificial Intelligence

Ysens de France is a doctor in public law, specialised in terrestrial robotics.

Within the framework of her PhD, she was particularly interested in the emergence of autonomous robotic military systems in armed conflicts.

A specific approach which built a prospective and transversal reflection on the stakes linked to technological innovation. The field of application of her research is European and international, following the example of her collaboration with euRobotics.

She is currently director of foresight at the Sapiens Institute.

Year University Diploma/Position
2019 Université de Poitiers Doctorate in public law
2008 Université Paris X Master 2 in international and European public law
2006 Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines Bachelor Degree in Law
Année Fonction
2020 - Aujourd’hui Associate Professor, AI Law - aivancity
2019 - Aujourd’hui In charge of foresight - Sapiens Institute
2009 Co-director of the Ethics & IA Observatory - Institut Sapiens
2009 Research Assistant - Centre d'études et de recherche de l'École Militaire