Expert Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Member of the Board | Head of L’Oréal Beauty Tech EMEA accelerator
Field(s) of expertise
Artificial intelligence

David Cressey is in charge of the Beauty Tech Accelerator in EMEA at L'Oréal, whose role is to develop the Group's strategic projects with high technological valence and embedded artificial intelligence.

Graduated from ENSAE, David began his career in the credit derivatives trading teams of Société Générale in London before joining the quantitative engineering department in Paris. He then specialised in statistical learning and extreme value theory.

After a stint with asset manager Lyxor as a structured fund manager, David joined LCH Clearnet to accelerate the redesign and development of the credit derivatives clearing house's risk models.

He then joined Capgemini Consulting as Lead Data Scientist. This was an opportunity for him to transfer his banking know-how to industries as varied as aeronautics, catering and oilseed processing. He has trained many data scientists but also more hybrid profiles, halfway between data science and consulting.

Before taking over as head of the Beauty Tech accelerator, David was head of IA strategy for BNP Paribas Retail Banking & Services.

Year University Diploma/Position
2006 - 2010 ENSAE Paris Grande Ecole, Economics, Market Finance, Financial Mathematics, Risk Management
Année Fonction
2020 - Aujourd’hui Expert Professor Board Member, IA - aivancity
2019 - Aujourd’hui Head of BeautyTech Accelerator, EMEA, Data & AI - L’Oréal
2019 Lead Data Scientist - L’Oréal
2018 - 2019 Head of Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Business Analytics, Retail Banking & Services - BNP Paribas
2018 Senior Artificial Intelligence Expert, Retail Banking & Services - BNP Paribas
2016 - 2018 Lead Data Scientist, Fast Digital Team - Capgemini invent
2016 - 2017 Guest Lecturer - École Polytechnique
2015 - 2016 Senior Quantitative Risk Analyst, CDS Clear - LCH
2014 - 2015 Structured Fund Manager - Lyxor Asset Management
2011 - 2014 Senior Quantitative Analyst, Measurement and Allocation of Regulatory Capital - Société Générale
2010 - 2011 High Frequency Arbitrage Analyst - Caritat Strategic Analytics Group
2009 - 2010 Trader Assistant - Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking
  • David CRESSEY, Sophie LAVAUD, François CRÉNIN, Pierre CLAUSS, Jiali XU, [20 Novembre 2015], « Random Matrix Theory applied to Correlations in Operational Risk », The Journal of Operational Risk