aivancity's Bachelor's degree wins the Eduniversal 2021 Innovation Award

The Eduniversal Innovation Award recognizes the most innovative programs that are best suited to today's job market. These awards confirm the attractiveness and relevance of aivancity'sartificial intelligence and innovative pedagogy.

  • You are preparing a Bachelor'sdegree in AppliedArtificialIntelligence:ahybridBachelor'sdegree in AI development, management and ethics.   
  • You are following a 3-year program with the possibility of joining the Grande Ecole Program (MScArtificial Intelligence & Data science for Business - Bac +5)
  • You learn data sciences whilepracticingthem at the IA Clinic for 6 to 9 hours a week, on projectspresented by companies, as an integral part of your training.
  • As an AI developer, youadaptyourknowledge of technology to the real needs of the company.
  • You are preparing for the followingjobs: AI Developer, Machine Learning Developer, AI Development Project Manager, AI Programmer, AI Lead Developer, AI Programmer Analyst   
  • And youget the onlydiploma in the world with an Upgrade Guarantee© (concept patented by aivancity - Upgrade Guaranteeoffered free of charge to all graduates for 5 years  

4 months after its launch, aivancity's Bachelor of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence is among the best courses, listed for more than 10 years by Eduniversal EEA, a world wide evaluation organization recognized in 153 countries.