Bachelor of Science Applied Artificial Intelligence


Bachelor of Science applied Artificial Intelligence

The democratization and industrialization of AI use cases increases the interest of companies for profiles trained in data processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, business issues and AI project deployment. The Bachelor of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence of aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society Paris-Cachan meets this increasing demand by preparing for the job of Artificial Intelligence Developer.

These versatile profiles must know how to use existing tools (in machine learning or deep learning) and meet a real demand from companies (large companies but also, and increasingly, SMEs).

The skills targeted by this program are built around three blocks of "technical" skills centered on data, which will be acquired, stored and analyzed, and on the implementation of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, supported by a first block of skills, oriented towards the business world and project issues (upstream issues), and a second block oriented towards the deployment of the AI solution (downstream issues).

All of these skills enable the AI developer to play his role as a "technology broker", a "transmitter of knowledge", while understanding the company's challenges and therefore knowing how to adapt his/her knowledge of technology to the real needs of the organization.


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The program entitles students who have successfully completed their studies to obtain:

  • a Bachelor of Science in “Applied Artificial Intelligence”.
  • a state-level professional certification registered with the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) at level 6 (equivalent to 3 years after secondary school): “Artificial Intelligence Developer”

the following professional certifications whose preparation is integrated into the program :

  • Year 1 70-779 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel
  • Year 2 DP-200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution - Microsoft
  • Year 3 98-381 Introduction to Programming Using Microsoft Python or AWS Certified Developer - Associate or Professional Cloud Developer

Learning Objectives

This program meets the competency framework, developed by the school, as part of the state-certified level 6 title " AI Developer":

  • Study of the company functioning in its environment
  • Study of the company’s digital system
  • Identification of new practices, methods and uses in the field of AI related to the enterprise domains
  • Development of a database and data mining
  • Pre-processing and analysis of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Mathematical analysis and modeling
  • Implementation and training of machine learning models
  • Optimization and evaluation of machine learning models
  • Implementation and training of deep learning models
  • Optimization and evaluation of deep learning models
  • Deployment of an AI development project
  • Integration of legal constraints and ethical values
  • Integration in a global project approach involving different stakeholders


Beyond these skills sets, the Bachelor’s degree enables students to:

  • develop their command of 2 foreign languages in a professional situation
  • Adopt accountable and ethical behavior and systematically integrate it into their professional decision-making and activities.
  • develop initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • learn from experiences, bounce back and question oneself for better anticipation and projection skills


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Bachelor of Science applied AI

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    Admissions students holding a general baccalaureate; technological baccalaureate or any other international diploma

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    Diploma Bachelor of Science applied Artificial Intelligence
    (RNCP Level 6 - AI developer)

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    Next intakes September 2021 & February 2022

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    Program Taught in French 


  • 3 years of studies, including the last year in a work-study program
  • An international learning trip during the 3rd year
  • Lifetime guarantee to update the diploma, including 5 years free of charge.
Entry level Path Diploma
Bac YEAR 1YEAR 2YEAR 3 Bachelor of Science
Intelligence artificielle appliquée

3 ans après le bac pour devenir un spécialiste de l’Intelligence Artificielle Appliquée



510H of teaching + 120H of IA clinic



540H of teaching + 120H of IA clinic



300H of teaching + 300H of IA clinic

The AI Developer is a specialist in the development of computer applications around AI and Data Science. According to the 2019 OPIIEC report, the role of AI developer is to develop IT solutions that can be used by specialists or non-specialists, including directly or indirectly Artificial Intelligence bricks while designing, testing and adapting applications integrating all or part of these technologies.

The professions associated with the Artificial Intelligence developer are listed under different names:

  • Machine learning developer
  • IA Development Project Manager
  • AI Programmer
  • Lead developer AI
  • AI Programmer Analyst

Continuation of further studies

All students who have obtained an overall average of 12/20 or higher during the first two years of the Bachelor’s degree are exempted from the entrance exam to the aivancity Grande École program (Master of Science in AI & Data Science for Business) and can directly enter the 2nd year of the program.

If you plan to join the best Master’s degree programs in France or abroad, the aivancity diploma will enable you to pursue other paths of excellence.


The guarantee that the diploma will be kept up to date©

aivancity is committed to offering its graduates a range of services enabling them to adapt their skills to the evolution of the fields covered by artificial intelligence and data science.
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science benefit from this Guarantee for 5 years at no charge.

The diploma update guarantee ©
garantie de mise a jour du diplome

Admission to the Bachelor program is open to a variety of student profiles. The conditions stipulated below are indicative and only set a general framework that does not claim to take into account individual cases comprehensively.

Admission to our Bachelor of Science is not possible directly in the 2nd or 3rd year.

Admissions are open to students holding a general baccalaureate; technological baccalaureate or any other international diploma accepted as equivalent by the dean of aivancity.

Access to the aivancity Bachelor’s degree is based on a competitive entrance examination OUT OF PARCOURSUP (the French platform for entrance to universities). All candidates will take selection tests based on knowledge, but also on skills and open-mindedness (in particular sensitivity to ethics and responsibility issues).


Admission tests





Application Form   4
Digital and Verbal Logic multiple choice quiz 1h 3
Multiple choice English quiz (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension) 45 mn 2
General and digital literacy quiz 45 mn 2
Individual motivation and general knowledge interview 30 mn 4

Admissions tests are based less on technical knowledge than on the candidates' logical, argumentation and analytical abilities, on their interpersonal skills, their competence and their interest in technological, ethical and social issues. The "mathematics and statistics" test in particular does not require advanced knowledge of mathematics.

The application file is evaluated by a mark assessing the candidate's career path according to criteria such as academic excellence, diversity of associative experiences, cultural openness, etc.

It is an MCQ structured around questions that integrate verbal and numerical logic and assess the candidate's reasoning skills in the areas of logical computational analysis and communication.

It is an MCQ with 45 questions grouped in 3 parts: Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar. The level required is close to the level required in the final year of high school.

The MCQ evaluates the candidate's knowledge of general culture (economic and social news, arts, international culture, etc.) and digital culture (digital technologies, computers, internet and web, etc.).

Composition of the jury: two teachers from the school or a teacher and a business professional. The interview, which lasts 30 minutes, allows the members of the Jury, who have read the file, to get to know the candidate and to understand the coherence of his/her professional project with the Bachelor of aivancity and to appreciate his/her openness and interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Admission process:


The competition takes place in our premises over one day with written tests in the morning and oral tests in the afternoon. There is no eligibility phase. All the marks, affected by their coefficient are taken into account for the result.



aivancity has set up an international admission procedure for all non-resident candidates in France designed to attract students from all over the world by valuing their talents and the diversity of their experiences. This procedure takes place continuously throughout the academic year, and includes only the evaluation of the application file and an individual interview. The admissions department sets the date with them and explains how the tests will be conducted.

Admission results are published on the aivancity admissions platform within a maximum of one week, subject to validation of the current year. They are also sent by e-mail to the candidates.

Application fees

  • 90 €

Cost of studies, financing and scholarships :

  • 8 900€ / year
  • The third year is offered in a work-study format (apprenticeship or professional training contract) with tuition fees paid by the host company or in a work-study placement abroad or in France.

These tuition fees are defined for the year 2021/2022 and include all study costs, including the international learning trip and the Guarantee of Updating the diploma for 5 years from the date of graduation.

They do not include the costs of international travel (airfare, transport, accommodation and meals).

You can access bank loans negotiated with aivancity partners, repayable after a grace period and at preferential rates.


"has placed diversity and equal opportunity at the heart of its commitments: The aivancity endowment fund awards up to 20 scholarships each year to cover the tuition fees of all students in the Bachelor's program ".