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Top 10 of the best promising universities and colleges in France by The Higher Education Review

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Top 10 des meilleures écoles de France par The Higher Education Review

aivancity has been recognized by The Higher Education Review as one of the "10 best promising universities and colleges in France - 2024".

To commemorate this achievement, the magazine published an article titled "Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Business and Ethics Learning", authored by Tawhid Chtioui, President of aivancity. In the article, Chtioui reflects on the evolution of higher education in France since the 13th century, emphasizing the appeal of French universities to international students due to the diverse range of English-language programs available and the comparatively affordable cost of quality education.

Positioning itself as a unique institution, aivancity is dedicated to training future engineers to tackle the challenges posed by the utilization of data and artificial intelligence. The school offers an inclusive program tailored to accommodate a wide array of profiles and ensures lifelong employability through an innovative concept: the guarantee of keeping diplomas updated.

aivancity distinguishes itself as an educational establishment exclusively focused on artificial intelligence and data, embracing a hybrid approach that integrates technology, business, and ethics.

For further insights, the full article can be accessed here