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The Paris-Cachan Alliance for Science and Technology

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Alliance pour les sciences et la technologie_Paris-Cachan


aivancity Paris-Cachan, EPF engineering school, ESTP and ESITC Paris are joining forces on the Cachan site to found an alliance around an ambitious project, based on shared educational, human and community values and the specific characteristics of each of the four schools.


An Alliance based on shared values and ambitions

These independent private higher education and research establishments have chosen to join forces within the Paris-Cachan Alliance for Science and Technology because they share common values and common vision :

  • Educational values of excellence and a commitment to serving students; The desire to form in them a certain vision of progress, not only technological, but also with the humanistic values that animate and structure their vision of the world and society.
  • Students trained at these schools share these values and the responsibilities that come with them. The Alliance schools place great importance on their personal growth and development, offering them a space for exchange, sharing of knowledge and experience, creativity and projects.
  • Ambition with a shared territorial space and their desire to place their establishment at the center of development systems in Cachan, the Val-de-Marne department and the Ile-de-France region. This local and territorial anchoring is essential if the Alliance is to become a committed player in the community, in the development of a town or region, and bringing a new dynamic to businesses.

The Alliance sees itself as a platform, a hub of skills and resources, a place for integration and initiatives, particularly in the fields of innovation, research and entrepreneurship.


An Alliance enabling the joint development of schools at national and international level and the specific developments of each school at local level.

  • The Alliance aims to structure without limitations; it relies on the synergy of its members' skills without restricting their freedom of action. A pragmatic Alliance, anchored in projects and concrete achievements, open to innovation, sharing and future partnerships.
  • The strength of the Alliance lies as much in the uniqueness of its members and their particularities, as in their willingness to cooperate through science and technology, to build tomorrow's society.
  • The Alliance will enable us to pool our strengths and resources around joint projects and actions: enhancement, learning experience, research, entrepreneurship, as well as the implementation of a site policy, the development of a regional and international strategy, meetings and exchanges of experience, and the promotion of student, sports and community life.

It is through its projects and actions, the Alliance will be able to emerge on the national and international levels, contribute to raising the awareness of its host city and region, participate in the development of the industrial and urban fabric, and offer students a unique experience.

Tawhid CHTIOUI, President of aivancity Paris-Cachan

« I'm particularly pleased that aivancity is taking part in the creation of the Alliance pour les sciences et la technologie Paris-Cachan. As a new institution, aivancity can benefit from the experience, power and visibility of its new partners, and will strive to nourish this strategic alliance with its innovative character, unique in France and Europe, particularly with its hybrid perspective on the artificial intelligence and data science. »

Jean-Michel NICOLLE, Director General of EPF, School of Engineering

« In 2021, on the eve of the centenary of its creation, the EPF opens, with an ultramodern campus, a new era in its history. This strategic alliance around the digital transformation of organizations, in Cachan, is a strong marker of our vision of the engineering school of the future at the service of society. More than ever, the EPF is asserting itself as a school that is open to cooperative ventures, so as to place at the heart of its project the training of decision-makers who will accompany the major technological and organizational transitions in companies, both in France and internationally. By pooling our strengths and skills with our partners in Cachan, we will be even stronger in inventing a new model of partnership, and putting science and technology at the service of students, businesses and our region. »

Joel CUNY, Executive Director of ESTP Paris

« Founded in 1891, ESTP Paris is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. As early as 1904, it established itself in Cachan, where its historic campus is located today. With the recent opening of new campuses in Troyes (2017) and Dijon (2019), the school has made local roots a strategic focus of its development, with an ecosystem approach to multidimensional interactions with local authorities, businesses, higher education and research, and society. The recent arrival of two schools in Cachan and the strengthening of links with existing schools represent an opportunity for ESTP, which is committed to this alliance to create, around the theme of science and technology, a vector of attractiveness and visibility in Ile-de-France but also internationally, but also of projects at the service of students, economic development, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. »

Olivier AUCOUTURIER, Director of ESITC Paris

« The Paris-Cachan Alliance for Science and Technology is a new-generation campus, an unprecedented initiative: 4 private higher education establishments with a strong scientific and technical focus, recognized in their field, join forces to create a structure firmly rooted in their local area, open to local authorities, businesses and the main players in regional development. More than just a restrictive site policy, we offer our students more resources, opportunities to diversify their knowledge through richer cross-disciplinary teaching, and the chance to multiply associative and cultural exchanges, always based on the shared humanist values of their home establishments. It's a real force of nearly 10,000 students that's being built up in the heart of France's most dynamic and densely populated region. I wish the Alliance all the best in its future endeavors to become a benchmark for the transmission of cutting-edge technological knowledge, first at regional level, then at national level. »

A committed player

The Paris-Cachan Alliance for Science and Technology

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