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Dynacentrix: new partnership with aivancity

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Dynacentrix : un nouveau partenariat avec aivancity


aivancity and Dynacentrix, a solutions integrator specializing in AI and Quality processes, have announced a strategic partnership to drive innovation and deliver advanced AI and Data solutions.

Dynacentrix : un nouveau partenariat avec aivancity

Dynacentrix is recognized for its expertise in integrating solutions in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Quality processes. With skills in Data, Enterprise AI, Big Data and Industry 4.0 - Industrial IoT, Dynacentrix offers "on-demand" support for its customers' Data projects.

Thanks to this partnership, aivancity students and researchers will be able to benefit from Dynacentrix's expertise in the integration of AI solutions and Quality processes, strengthening their practical understanding of the application of AI in the real world.

This partnership will also enable companies to benefit from the combined expertise of aivancity and Dynacentrix to accelerate their AI and Data projects. By leveraging the collaborative Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions offered by Dynacentrix, companies will be able to run next-generation predictive analytics, while significantly reducing the time it takes to deploy their projects.