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Aivancity launches aivancityX, the 1st e-learning platform dedicated to artificial intelligence

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A place for training but also a place for open exchanges about the company, aivancity is launching its e-learning platform aivancityX, based on the reference open-source platform edX (created by MIT and Harvard in 2012). aivancityX produces and distributes MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) in line with its hybrid position in gthat connects the technological dimensions of AI & Data science; business; and ethics.

Designed by aivancity's professors and experts,aivancityX courses benefit from the same pedagogical engineering as the "face-to-face" programs and offer great modularity and flexibility for learners. The free courses, certification programs and, eventually, the 100% online diploma programs that are/will be offered contribute to meeting the many challenges that massive data and artificial intelligence raise for companies and society.

From its launch, aivancityX offers a MOOC and 5 certifyingSPOCs, 4 of which are offered in English in order to reach a large and international audience. On the menu, AI Strategy for Business, Strategic and Ethical Issues of Autonomous Cars, , Optimizing and Innovating with AI, MMathematics for AI and Data Science, andAI in the Challenge of Art. . Several other courses are also being designed.

The first aivancityX MOOC, qwhich will begin in February, is dedicated to the moral and ethical issues raised by autonomous cars.. It is one of the only, if not the only, in the world to address this topic. The SPOC dedicated to optimization and innovation with AI is the most complete certificate available to date.


Watch the video presentation of the MOOC Autonomous Vehicles: Artificial Intelligence Ethical Issues & Strategic Implications.




The MOOCs proposed on the platform are free (certification ischarged at 150€) and the SPOCs are proposedfrom 900€ to 1800€.


« We have investedheavily in the development of a dedicated platform in collaboration with the best actors: MOOCit for the technical platform, professionaldirectors for the audiovisual production, a team of teacherswho have designed a specificmethodology to meet the needs of a high-level online learningexperience... ThroughaivancityX, wewant to offer a complement to ouroffer of initial and continuingeducation programs and a real alternative for learnerswhowant to acquire new skillsrelated to the development of AI in the world.

Tawhid CHTIOUI, President and Founder of aivancity.

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