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aivancity is invited to the Alliance Experts Symposium

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aivancity invitée du symposium d’Alliance Experts

Alliance Experts - Automotive Expertise

Alliance Experts - Automotive Expertise hosted its national symposium at the Automobile Club de France at the end of January 2024. On this occasion, Doreid Ammar, Academic Director of Aivancity, participated in a roundtable alongside Sacha Rosenthal, CEO of Xefi, and André Comte-Sponville, philosopher.

The participants of the roundtable discussed the positioning of AI in relation to humans, the current limitations of AI, the perspectives of AI and its developments... and more broadly, on the philosophy of AI in connection with the signature of the Alliance Experts group.

Alliance Experts took advantage of this symposium to present the deployment of its internal tool developed by integrating artificial intelligence and implementing the necessary means to counter cyber attacks.