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Internships and work-study programs




The quality of the career support provided to our students is one of the priority areas of our programs. We work with the best specialists in personal and professional development to design the most appropriate career support programs for each curriculum.

From the beginning of the academic year to the career coaching programs offered within each curriculum, as well as the multiple and varied events offered on campus in interaction with companies and recruiters, aivancity will help you ask and answer the right questions, understand companies' expectations, know how to present yourself and define a career plan...

Internships and work-study programs

In all of its programs, aivancity offers its students the opportunity to develop meaningful work experience to help them develop their employability.

Within the Grande École and Bachelor programs, students are confronted with real-life experiences, in direct contact with companies in the AI Clinic. Companies are, in fact, encouraged to present their AI projects, ideas, difficulties, and questions to the clinic students, who, coached by aivancity professors, propose solutions, improvement paths, and suggestions, while complying with a global, technical, business, and responsible approach.

With 6 to 9 hours of work per week throughout their studies, students benefit from a real practical application of their knowledge.

At the end of the first two years, students in these two programs are required to complete a 2 to 4 month internship. The internship can be carried out in France or abroad.

The final year of the Grande École Program and the Bachelor of Science program is offered as an apprenticeship contract or work-study professionalization contract or as a sandwich internship for students who, for example, opt for an international experience. In addition to the advantage of financing tuition fees and benefiting from a salary associated with an initial professional experience, this work-study year is a genuine springboard to successful professional integration.

The one-year Master of Science programs are offered on a "part-time" basis: the seminars take place on Fridays and Saturdays, every other week, making it possible to combine this year of specialization with a job or internship on a sandwich course.



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