aivancity joins the Campus Responsables network

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From the ecological impact of buildings to the accessibility of campuses, the new civic expectations of future graduates, the development of new dedicated courses and programs, or the territorial impact: aivancity must beexemplary and innovative.

As a company with a mission, aivancity places commitments to employability, diversity, responsibility, territorial anchoring and openness to the city at the heart of its statutes. The values it up holds are also the missions it has set for it self; they are the very essence of the school and will be monitored by an outside organization..

campus responsableaivancity has thereforeentrusted UTOPIES with the mission of piloting the Campus Responsables© campaign. . This collective and participative project is based on 3 complementary pillars that are translated into concrete actions. The first two pillars are intended exclusively for the members of the network and aim to participate in the continuous progress of their social responsibility initiatives: Help in the implementation of a global and ambitious sustainable development approach within the member campuses and valorization of the advanced practices of the member campuses in France and abroad. The third pillar, the promotion of sustainable development within the higher education and research sector, is addressed to the entire higher education community with the aim of infusing sustainable development concepts more widely within the sector.