Aivancity becomes a member of LF AI & Data (Linux Foundation)

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Linux foundation

LF AI & Data Foundation builds and supports an open community and a growing ecosystem of open source AI, data and analysis projects, accelerating development and innovation and enabling collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for all community members.

The LF AI and Data Foundation has 22 projects supported by 60 companies and 20 universities for 1,300 contributors and welcomes 13 new members including aivancity..

Founded in 2018, the LF AI and Data Foundation brings together open source projects dedicated to AI within the Linux foundation. In less than two years, it has brought to get her some 20 projects dedicated to machine learning and deep learning, including the very famous ONNX interoperable format (Open Neural Network Exchange: 41 major contributors, including Microsoft, Facebook, AMD and ABBYY).

Website of the LF AI & Data foundation