Professeur visitant en Data science | Maitre de conférence à Frankfurt school of finance & management
Domaine(s) d'expertise
Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Leadership, Natural Language Processing, IT System Engineering, Management, Consultancy, Personal Coaching 

Levente has a background in cognitive sciences and considerable experience in leading research and development teams as well as transforming research results into software applications.

He has filled various roles at two startups including co-founder, lead of research, and chief technology officer.

Levente’s work has covered topics including web ontologies, evolutionary computation, neural networks, and diverse natural language processing approaches. He currently has over 10 years of experience in applied AI and is working as a Senior Consultant, “Startupper" and CTO.

He is also Lecturer in applied Artificial Intelligence, tech leadership at Frankfurt School of Finance & management and Public speaker with interest in cognitive science.

2015 - 2016Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthCertificate Data Science specialisation
2007 - 2010The Gate of Dharma Buddhist University BudapestMaster in comparative religious studies
2000 - 2005The Gate of Dharma Buddhist University BudapestBachelor in comparative religious studies
1994 - 1999School for Information TechnologyHigher level programmer / technician
2020 - PresentVisiting Professor, Data science - aivancity
2018 - PresentLecturer - Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
2017 - PresentSpecialization Lead - KÜRT Academy
2017 - PresentSenior Consultant - AI Partners / Neuron Solutions
2013 - 2017Co Founder, Chief Technology Officer - Analogy Ltd. Budapest
2012 - 2014Lead of Research - Genome Financial Solutions Ltd
2010 - 2012Development Product Owner - Genome Financial Solutions Ltd
2009 - 2010Technology Consultant - Foundation for Information Society
2005 - 2009Various roles and studies