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2021 as seen by the Sapiens experts

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Tawhid Chtioui contributes to the collective reflection led by the Sapiens Institute experts in their study dedicated to the year 2021, « 2021, annus mirabilis: the test of resilience ».

Through the higher education prism, "For a higher education at the service of society", Tawhid Chtioui tries to imagine 2021 as the rebound year for France and Europe.

Published by the Sapiens Institute, an aivancity partner, experts including Philippe Blanchard, CEO of Futurous, Emmanuel Goffi, aivancity associate professor and director of the Sapiens Institute observatory, and Olivier Babeau, president and founder of the Sapiens Institute, give their predictions for 2021. From the transformation of the healthcare system to the deployment of an artificial intelligence ethic, this new year is an opportunity to show resilience and inventiveness to get through the crisis.

2021, Annus mirabilis: the test of resilience - Sapiens Institute