AI and Big Data for Marketing

AI and Big Data for Marketing



This training was the subject of a request for registration in the specific directory of certifications and authorizations (RSCH) of France Compétences under the title « Integrating Artificial Intelligence and exploiting the potential of Big data for Marketing ». As such, it will be eligible for the CPF.


This program is designed for different professions in the marketing function: from the web marketer to the marketing director/manager, including the product manager, analyst or marketing consultant.

It aims to learn about the new possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in the marketing field: integrating AI tools and big data management with an economical and responsible approach towards users/customers.

The fundamentals remain, the technique evolves and the knowledge of these new tools will allow you to reach a granularity and a determinant relevance for the acquisition of new customers and the valorization of the assets of your products and services.

According to a survey conducted by Axys Consultants and Easyfront consulting in February and March 2020, improving customer service is a priority for 92% of companies and data exploitation is the first item that will benefit from investments over the next 18 months (+22.5%). According to another 2020 survey by Fed Business on the professions of the future in the field of marketing and communication, the major factors that will cause upheavals in the sector are : New modes of communication via social networks (65%), data management (64%) and artificial intelligence (45%). Thus, in addition to the "classic" skills in digital marketing, other skills related to the use of AI and large amounts of data are now being added.



This training will allow you to acquire:

  • Understand and identify the potential offered by artificial intelligence solutions for marketing and customer relationship management.
  • Implement an effective marketing strategy by selecting and processing data from multiple sources in order to develop a lasting and personalized relationship with customers/users.
  • Take into account the ethical, human and societal issues raised by the use of AI and data, taking into account the regulatory framework and the issues of bias and robustness of algorithms in order to contribute to the implementation of new marketing approaches of trust and accountability.



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    Module 1: Artificial intelligence as a means of optimizing marketing strategy

    This module aims to introduce you to the different applications of AI in the marketing field and the role of predictive analytics in the industry. It also allows you to approach the different methods of design and training of machine learning models (decision trees, linear and logistic regression, ensemble modeling, etc.) and deep learning as well as to anticipate trends in the use of AI in marketing. A Business Case "AI for marketing" will be the common thread of this module.

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    Module 2: Exploiting massive data for marketing purposes

    The objective of this module is to discover the main methods of exploiting Big Data in order to optimize strategic decision-making and improve the performance of marketing campaigns. It also helps you understand how to leverage data to better understand your audience, segment your market and personalize the customer experience. A presentation by a well-known player in AI solutions for marketing will close this sequence.

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    Module 3: Regulatory and Ethical Considerations

    This last module helps to identify the regulatory context related to AI and data and to identify the ethical, societal and environmental implications as well as the HR impacts of AI, thus contributing to the implementation of innovative and responsible marketing practices.




David Cressey

Expertise : Artificial Intelligence

Expert Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Member of the Board | Head of L’Oréal Beauty Tech EMEA accelerator

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de france

Dr. Ysens de FRANCE

Expertise : AI Law

Associate Professor of AI Law | Director of Foresight at the Sapiens Institute

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yang jiao

Dr. Yang JIAO

Expertise : Data science

Expert Professor in Data science | Lead Data Scientist at Cofacee

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AI and Big Data for Marketing

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    Presquisite 3 years of professional experience in the field of marketing, communication, customer relations, social network management, product manager...

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    Location Cachan

  • calendrier

    Dates January 12-13-14 & 26-27-28, 2022

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    PRICE 2,900€ EXCL. TAX